The Five Commandments of a Company’s Social Media

Every business and entrepreneur understands the importance of social media for their brand, visibility and sales, but it can be hard to ensure your social media strategy is a well-rounded approach. As leading experts in social media, we have created the five commandments of your company’s social media. Content There’s no point having popular social media platforms like Twitter if

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4 Ways Law Firms Can Be More Proactive on Their Online Marketing

Your law firm needs to have a website of its own – now more than ever. Providing quality services, winning cases, and improving your brand will not be enough anymore. The role of marketing is indispensable in every business just like your law firm. No matter how good your lawyers might be, without a channel that can promote them on

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In-Depth Content and How It Impacts Your Marketing Strategy Overall

Google has made it very evident how they value in-depth content. As a matter of fact, the average size of a page that is on the first top 20 listings on Google is around 1890 words. Now, this is a whole lot more than the usual ‘run of the mill’ 300 to 500-word articles that are currently being churned out

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B2B lead generation trends for 2019

It’s never been harder to run a successful home improvements business in the UK. Not only have wages stagnated for the last ten years, but there is also more competition than ever and some of the ways we’ve gone out and found new business successfully for years don’t quite work as well as they used to. Being in business requires

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7 Ways to Increase Your Banner CTR

Scoring a good click through rate (CTR) is dependent on a host of factors. However, it’s ultimately at the liberty of the stylistic and strategic decisions you make. Marketers are seeking to monitor CTR metrics on an increasingly frequent basis, pouring more time and money in to getting better click through. But what makes the difference, what increases that all

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