Landing Pages

The general goal is to convert site visitors into early stage marketing leads or sales transactions

A Dedicated landing page

A landing page is a distinct web page that a visitor can land on or arrive at, seeking certain information. Landing pages are often created for a sole purpose since it is a standalone page not linked with your main website. Within the scope of advertising and marketing, it is easy to define landing pages as solo pages created for a specific objective. Therefore, this means that for any marketing campaign to be successful, you have to use a dedicated landing page. In addition, the landing page should not have anything that ties it to the primary website. This helps to drive your visitors towards the intended goal or conversion target because it limits the options available to your visitors.

There are two main types of landing pages; Lead Generation and Click Through Pages.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

The lead generation landing pages help in recording user data, such as email address and name. The main objective of this page is to help you connect with your prospective customers at a given time by collecting their information. Most times, lead generation landing pages include a form and the description of the product or service that you will receive in return for providing your personal details.

There are numerous uses of lead capture pages and some of the items given or examples of uses include the following:

Notification of a future product launch
A physical gift through direct mail
Free trial
Contest entry
Discount voucher/coupon
Financial information including how the client’s business has performed in the recent past, future sales projections, value of assets etc.
Consultation for professional services
Webinar registration
Whitepaper or eBook

Click Through Landing Pages

Click through landing pages are specially designed to pursue the prospective customer to click through to your destined page. At sociable, we can create a click through landing page that describes your product or provides enough information that persuades the page viewers to make an informed decision. These types of landing pages are typically used in ecommerce funnels.

We will design a click through landing page in such a way that the visitors will first click through the page and then they get directed to the destined registration page or shopping cart. This way the product can get a higher chance of being bought by the prospect after providing them with detailed information, thanks to the click through landing page.

Our team at Sociable will help you create an award winning landing page with a clear call to action. We will come up with a clear call to action after knowing the goal for your page. The call to action page will be specifically related to your goal and it will be supported by all the features in the landing page; from the overall layout and images to the body copy and the headline.

At Sociable, we understand that a great landing page is key to the success of your business. It gives you the edge over the competition, it provides information about your product or service, and it gives an impression of your business to the outside world – winning you valuable sales.

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