Lead Nurturing

Strategically informing and influencing the customer prospects

The concept of Lead Nurturing is taking a lead that is not ‘sales ready’ at the time and nurturing it to purchase stage. The activity involves strategically informing and influencing the customer prospects until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Lead Nurturing may also be referred to as ‘distant relationship management over time’.

The aim of this process is to keep your company name and proposition in front of the prospects’ mind thus building trust, credibility, and an ongoing relationship. This helps ensure that when they are ready to buy, they choose you.

Lead nurturing helps companies maintain a continuous dialogue with prospects during the purchase cycle, resulting in:

Increased sales-lead conversion rates
More revenue
Improved sales representative productivity
Informed prospects

At Socialable, we use a combination of email marketing, content marketing, website visitor tracking, and telemarketing to carry out successful lead nurturing campaigns.

Leads can be nurtured over a period of time using a suite of precisely targeted materials and key messages, designed to influence and motivate. During the nurturing period, companies convince prospects to patronise their service or product.

Prospects need to be familiar with the company’s product or service, and have an element of trust. By using a variety of marketing channels and authority content such as videos, blogs, and webinars to demonstrate expertise, this goal can be achieved over time.

Successful lead nurturing campaigns should be integrated with an automated CRM program to ensure the right number of “touches” for each prospective customer.

Significance to your Company

Your sales teams are presented with leads that are “sales ready”, so they don’t waste their time on those unlikely to convert.

Advantages of Lead Nurturing


There are many advantages, but the key benefit to the company is the consistent delivery of high quality, “sales-ready” leads to the sales team. By educating the prospects to the point where they can have a productive sales conversation, the quality of the lead is maximised and the sales cycle time-frame reduced.

Lead nurturing is carried out for various reasons, the most common being to educate, influence and motivate a prospect until they are sales ready. Another valuable use of lead nurturing is to minimise loss of prospects to competitors.

By maintaining contact with prospects and adding value at every contact point, the business is at the front of prospects’ minds when their competitors are likely not. This becomes an advantage when prospects consider upgrading or changing suppliers.

Why Socialable?

The Socialable lead generation team have many years of collective experience generating and nurturing leads. We provide our clients with ‘sales ready leads’.

Many other lead generation companies only offer sales leads at non-sales ready stage- the early stage, which isn’t much use to any company.

At Socialable, we do the gritty work so your sales team can focus on the final pitch.

We have a successful track record of nurturing high value leads. When you invest in us, we provide sales-ready leads which guarantee high conversion rates for your business.

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