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It’s not enough to know where the best sales opportunities are. Before you make your pitch to a client, it’s important to know who your client is. Socialable’s account profiling service gives you a good opportunity to know what you need to know about your prospective clients before you meet them.

It’s important to know where and how you will fit into your client’s plans before you make your approach. Account profiling helps you to get the information you need to better position yourself and improve your chances of closing a deal or making a sale.

At Socialable, when we do account profiling we don’t go looking for information that is easy to find. We look for information that will give you strategic advantage such as:

IT systems being used by the customer (software and hardware)
Contact details of various departments and specific individuals
Identities of the main decision makers, their functions and who you need to get in touch with first
Identities of your prospective client’s main competitors and the specific threat they pose to them
Identities of your main competition and how you can differentiate your service or product from theirs
Financial information including how the client’s business has performed in the recent past, future sales projections, value of assets etc.
Problems your prospective client may be facing or anticipating
Opportunities your target is planning to exploit e.g. new acquisitions, new markets or new products.
Opportunities your target is planning to exploit e.g. new acquisitions, new markets or new products.

The profiles we build at Socialable are accurate and up-to-date and built using information that is usually not in the public domain. Account profiling is important to you because:

1. Using Socialable’s account profiling service enables you to uncover hidden information on businesses. This can make all the difference when it’s time to make your pitch to the prospective client.

2. If you’ve thought about account profiling, there’s a good chance one of your competitors is already doing it. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to have a professional and thorough team of account profiling experts like Socialable on your side.

3. Account profiling can help you to identify the soft targets. If you have more than one business in your sights, account profiling can help you to identify the customer that will be easier to acquire or the one with the potential for greater returns.

4. Account profiling will help you to know whether or not a target is worth the effort before you invest your money.

You should choose Socialable’s account profiling service because:

At Socialable, you will have a dedicated team of account profiling experts at your service when you need a profile to be built.
We leave no stone unturned and we compile comprehensive reports based on up-to-date information from reliable sources.
We have many years of experience in the telecommunications, energy and computer industries.
Whether your prospect is a small business or a large corporation, our account profiling experts will work on it.

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