Lead Tracking

prosper in your daily activities and improve your customer experience.

strategic organisation and tracking techniques

All businesses need effective lead tracking services to prosper in their daily activities and relatively improve their customer experience. It is easy for any business out there to create a business but knowing who visits the site requires strategic organisation and tracking techniques.

Every sales person knows that it is their duty to pursue their leads and not sit back waiting for them to contact their company. Therefore, gathering information about the people visiting their website delivers great sales results.

Sociable can help you track your leads using measured analytical skills to help determine who visited your website; when they visited the website; the time prospects are spending on your website; their contact information to help you follow up with prospective customers; how they got directed to your website; and where your website visitors are located.

Sociable will help you establish what’s working and what’s not working for your business by analysing your marketing campaigns. This is especially important because it will help many businesses allocate their resources accordingly in order to maximise their budgets to the most successful tactics. Sociable works with the best lead tracking programs that will ensure your business gets all the information it needs to successfully build lasting relationships through pursuing leads. Your company needs to track and nurture each prospective customer given that leads can last more than a year in the sales funnel.

High Powered Tools

Our team at Sociable provides one of the best lead tracking programs specially designed to make the marketing and sales campaigns more cohesive and more efficient. We utilise digital lead tracking tools to identify prospects that need more information and who are willing to buy, pursuing those still viewing the products and sending the leads that are ready to purchase straight to your sales and marketing team.

Track all relevant information

Sociable lets you track all the relevant information about your prospects. In addition, our lead tracking services lets you see and access the most current data about your leads while understanding relevant documents and best practices. This is what your business needs to convert more prospective leads faster.

You can create automatic lead routing and scoring to ensure that the best sales representatives follow up on leads while they’re in demand and to prevent the leads from falling through the cracks.

Track your prospective leads from all channels

As we mentioned, our lead tracking services do not end at your website. Sociable offers you the chance to become a prosperous lead tracker from capturing to closing. Your business should be tracking leads from social media too. The reason behind this is because social media has outweighed outbound marketing by having 100% higher lead-to-close rate. With sociable, you will get the opportunity to track all your leads including the ones from social media platforms. This will help your business make more accurate decisions on where to put more effort and invest in. The awesome team at Sociable can personalise social media sites used by the site visitors through automation and send them messages that vary according to their locations. The results are tremendous since they will show the importance of your lead tracking efforts on your sales pipeline.

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