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With the assistance of Socialable a creative marketing company, small and medium businesses can develop beyond limitations to become more competitive in their industry. We started in 2009, and since then have been giving start-ups strong lead generation solutions that combine our creativity, marketing experience, and expertise. The following case study will examine the services performed for CReading located in Reading.

Our Lead Generation Campaign for a Skip Hire Company in Reading?

Business Type – Reading provides quality services to help people get rid of their waste materials. It can be difficult for the residents and businesses of Reading to find dependable, high-quality waste-disposal services. The reason for this is the fact that some folks opine that ‘skip hires’ usually outsource their tasks to incompetent companies. We needed a way to bring the high-quality skip hire services of Skip Hire Reading to the attention of customers in Reading.
Socialable’s solution had to rely on the classic business strategy of lead generation. The company’s online presence within Reading was solid already; nonetheless, much still needed to be done in order for clients to act towards online commitment as well as conversion. Their website’s visibility and engagement took centre stage as we developed our online marketing strategy.

What SEO techniques did we employ for skip hire company in Reading?

There was need for Readingto rake in more visitors to their site; therefore, we embarked on a content driven tactic. It is our favoured strategy, even though it needs substantial effort, time, and resources. Our method is simple –

  • Attract backlinks through content

The objective of this strategy is to increase the authority of skip hire’s website. The more website authority they had, the easier it was to rank for keywords. Next, Socialable developed a non-content-driven strategy.
This strategy, as the name suggests, did not focus on content creation or promotion. Rather, we optimized a number of WebPages for intended keywords. Because this strategy requires less investment of resources, small businesses tend to prefer it. Our techniques comprised of –

  • We took a close look at competitors and came up with keywords, then ran the keywords by Reading for approval.
  • We targeted pages to optimise for the keywords.
  • We acquired pertinent backlinks constantly until we were pleased with the site’s ranking.
  • Finally, we got certain keywords that Reading wanted us to rank for and researched them on Google Keyword Planner.

This tool provided us with the combinations of keywords which skip hire’s prospective customers had used on search engines. The result – Skip hire’s lead volume in Reading instantly increased by 230%. Skip hire’s organic search has also increased by 70.82% thanks to our campaign.

How did we improve the web design for skip hire in Reading?

When we took a look at Skip Hire’s website we believed that we would be able to increase the quality of their website in order to optimize it and increase conversion. The objectives we had were –

  • Make the site more appealing to potential customers by improving both their experience and the site’s aesthetics
  • For this, we focused on web design, mobile accessibility, quality assurance, information architecture, Custom WordPress, UX & prototyping, and SEO & Analytics.

We began with a prototype, which was designed to enhance visitors’ access to information online while incorporating skip hire’s search integration into the structure of the site. Now, potential customers in Reading would easily find skip hire’s website when searching online. In terms of style, Reading needed a website that connected and communicated better with the targeted audience. The enhanced web design would play a big role in giving it a revitalized online presence.
We identified photography and typography as areas where we could effectively manage the brand’s look. Then we improved the site’s visual appeal by incorporating bright colours and white space, which made it feel more inviting and easy to read. These elements combined to give Reading an entirely fresh, new website. Success followed immediately.
Due to the new look and easier navigation, website engagement rose by 24%. Conversion rates improved by 3% following accessibility on new mobile platforms. The skip hire company needed to present an image that communicated authority and trustworthiness to target-audiences and visitors to its website. The branding specialists at Socialable, after appraisal, concluded to centre on the brand value of the company.
This new positioning strategy would be geared towards reassuring customers about skip hire’s reliability and service efficiency in Reading. Since people who search for skip hire services in Reading prioritise quick response time and customers service, we established these two qualities as Reading’s brand values. Focusing on this message we ran campaigns which included guest blogging, emails and other strategies used by digital marketers.
It didn’t take long for those tests to increase the popularity of Reading. Our tests showed that a large proportion of residents of Reading associated Reading with the words ‘trustworthy’ and ‘efficient’, reflecting the brand values we were communicating. Particularly gratifying is skip hire’s continued growth – their online lead generation has improved by 30% and conversion has also increased in the past few months.

Why are Socialable’s skip hire campaigns in Reading so successful?

Our first step with every project is to sit down with our clients and listen closely to their needs. Though this minute focus on the details requires a lot of time and energy, we find that it is a particularly effective way to accomplish our goals. After we identify the needs of the client we retreat to the strategy room and go over the plan that we will apply. Every member of the team contributes their quota towards resolving the problem and making your business successful.

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