Lead Generation Campaign by Sociable for Replacement Windows Belfast in Belfast

The client, Replacement Windows Belfast is a replacement windows company delivering high-grade, tailored replacement windows services to its customers in Belfast. Replacement Windows Belfast has a relatively successful offline operation in Belfast but needed help translating that success to their online venture. The company needed to expand their reach to as many potential customers as possible online, get quality leads from the new contacts, and translate these leads into conversions.

The Problem

Get the best rate of conversion from the generated leads. We know that today’s consumers are more informed – they’ll know exactly what they need when they do online research. They have to be convinced that a product or service provider is the one that matches their needs best.

The Objective

We aimed to create conversions from as many online leads as possible by rebuilding Replacement Windows Belfast’s entire online operations from web design and branding to marketing, promotion and conversion optimization.

Socialable’s Strategy for Lead Generation for Replacement Windows Belfast in Belfast

Windows replacement does not generate demand as often as many other businesses. In order to be successful online, one has to not only be seen by the customer (from the sea of competitors), but also to be available when the customer is ready to purchase. With this in mind, we developed a total approach to lead generation for Replacement Windows Belfast Belfast.

Our Solution to Replacement Windows Belfast Replacement Windows Service Belfast Lead Generation Challenges

Business Type Definition for Replacement Windows

Lead generation challenges vary between B2C and B2B businesses. As a B2C windows replacement company, Replacement Windows Belfast had to reach as many customers as possible in Belfast and get enough conversions – where there are several competing options – for them to generate considerable revenue. And there’s very limited amount of time to succeed at this as the B2C business sales cycle is relatively short. Understanding the nature and demands of this type of business enabled us to develop an effective, targeted lead generation plan.

Belfast Market Research for Replacement Windows

We started with a thorough research of the target market, pooling information from both online and offline data. The aim was to understand how the replacement windows industry in Belfast works, understand what influences the purchase decisions of the target customers, and generate a highly-effective lead generation plan accordingly.

Website Design for Replacement Windows Belfast Replacement Windows Services Belfast

We understand that the website is the online shop window of a windows replacement company. With this in mind, we designed a website to elicit the desired response from potential clients.


The website was designed for high usability – tabs were clearly defined and dropdown menus were used only where necessary. Neat block separation and generous white space make it easy on the eyes for site visitors. No page was irrelevant and all the pages followed the same design structure. The idea was to create a satisfying user experience which is necessary to achieve our lead generation and conversion aims.

Contents of the website

The site was full of images of replaced windows by Replacement Windows Belfast in Belfast, to show the company’s quality of service. A video showing the company’s technicians in action in Belfast was also included. With comprehensive research and an understanding that 95% of purchase decision takes place in the subconscious, we were able to come up with minimal but very powerful text that connected instantly with the site visitors.

Lead Capture Pages

We created simple, but result-producing landing pages. We created forms that visitors understood and were happy to fill out. The forms helped the company to gather necessary information that resulted in increased leads and conversions for Replacement Windows Belfast.

Branding for Replacement Windows in Belfast

This was one of the major challenges of Replacement Windows Belfast. Replacement Windows Belfast found it very difficult to create an impactful replacement windows brand. So, Instead of focus groups and other types of generalized research, we conducted direct research with individuals. Our aim was to get an understanding of what a consumer in Belfast would like to see in a replacement windows service. After careful digging from a wide range of potential customers in Belfast and beyond, we were able to build the right brand that resonated with the target audience and aligned with the values of Replacement Windows Belfast.

Replacement Windows Marketing Belfast

  • Email newsletters
  • Guest posts

We worked with Replacement Windows Belfast to understand its main marketing target customers as well as its marketing objectives.

Central marketing objectives

Replacement Windows Belfast’s main marketing objectives were –

  • To be a respected name in everything concerning windows replacement, and in general construction topics
  • To present the company as one who understands the main needs and deep concerns of its varied target customers
  • To stay in the consciousness of target customers from brand awareness to purchase decision
  • To remain the favourite brand for customers and ensure continued patronage

This security was necessary because once a buyer has decided on a brand, they do not usually pay attention to competitors when making a purchase. Our profound knowledge of the company’s goals informed our development and execution of a visibly effective, precision marketing drive.

Belfast Promotion of Replacement Windows

We came up with promotions that resonated with the target customers, converting them into genuine leads. The promotion techniques used included ROI-maximizing ads, social media promotions, personalized marketing, and after sales surveys.

SEO for Replacement Windows in Belfast

Due to our experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization it was possible for us to build the correct content, keywords, links, domain properties and other criteria for ranking so that Replacement Windows Belfast was among the first results for searches involving windows replacement in Belfast. A very important achievement of our SEO efforts was that we were able to make Replacement Windows Belfast rank high for both commercial and informational search queries on windows replacement and building work in Belfast. In order to optimize conversion for Replacement Windows Belfast on a consistent basis, we had to maintain a high-quality lead generation campaign for a long period of time. This paid off.
Our data shows sales and qualified leads for Replacement Windows Belfast as a direct result of our lead generation campaign for the company. If you want a bespoke, high-yield lead generation plan for your business, contact us now and let’s team up!

Contact Details –

Website – https://replacementwindows-belfast.uk
Contact Name – Diana Hill
Company – Replacement Windows Belfast
Contact Number – 0800 246 5983
Company Email Address – contact@replacementwindows-belfast.uk

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