Lead Generation Campaign by Sociable for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton in Wolverhampton

The client, Replacement Windows Wolverhampton is a replacement windows company delivering high-grade, tailored replacement windows services to its customers in Wolverhampton. Replacement Windows Wolverhampton already has a profitable offline business in Wolverhampton, however, they needed assistance in making their online business successful as well. The company needed to expand their reach to as many potential customers as possible online, get quality leads from the new contacts, and translate these leads into conversions.

The Challenge

Get the best rate of conversion from the generated leads. We understand that today’s consumer does not need to be told what they need with the ever-growing popularity of online research. Today’s consumers need to be convinced that a given company is the right one to satisfy their needs in the exact way they want.

What We Needed to Do

Our main objective was to perform a complete overhaul of Replacement Windows Wolverhampton’s online business efforts from website design to marketing and conversion optimization, so that every aspect was integrated to achieve one goal – to generate as many leads as feasible and nurture most of them into conversion.

Our Replacement Windows Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Lead Generation Strategy

Windows replacement has a relatively low demand frequency. In order to achieve online success for this business, extra effort is needed to capture customer interest and be readily available once the customer does need the service. Knowing this, we set out to build a full-scale, all-encompassing lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton Wolverhampton.

Our Solution to Replacement Windows Wolverhampton Replacement Windows Service Wolverhampton Lead Generation Challenges

Replacement Windows Business Model

B2C and B2B businesses face different challenges in lead generation. As a B2C windows replacement company, Replacement Windows Wolverhampton had to reach as many customers as possible in Wolverhampton and get enough conversions – where there are several competing options – for them to generate considerable revenue. This also had to be accomplished within the generally short sales cycle of a B2C business. Understanding the nature and demands of this type of business enabled us to develop an effective, targeted lead generation plan.

Market Research Replacement Windows Wolverhampton Replacement Windows Service in Wolverhampton

Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive market research, both online and offline. Our goals included getting a good grasp of the windows replacement industry in Wolverhampton, finding out how the target customers choose their brands during purchase; and then developing a plan to make Replacement Windows Wolverhampton the brand of choice during purchase.

Website Design for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton Replacement Windows Services Wolverhampton

The website of a windows replacement company is their online shop window. So we looked to create a website that would speak to the target customers.

Technical Design of the Website

The website was designed for high usability – tabs were clearly defined and dropdown menus were used only where necessary. Using just the right amount of whitespace and distance between blocks of content, we were able to avoid clutter. We ensured that every page served a specific function, and that they were all similarly structured. We knew that great user experience would create a powerful and long-lasting impression on site visitors, which would in turn increase the chances of engagement and conversion.

Contents of the website

Captivating photos of buildings in Wolverhampton where Replacement Windows Wolverhampton had provided replacement windows services dominated the website. We also included a video of their technicians at work in Wolverhampton. Because we understand that 95% of purchase decisions take place without conscious thinking, we created few but very striking text.

Lead Capture Pages

We created simple but compelling landing pages which site visitors responded to instantly. We created forms that visitors understood and were happy to fill out. Through the forms, the company was able to collect information from potential customers which helped to engage them and also convert some of them immediately.

Branding for Wolverhampton Windows Replacement

One of the main problems for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton was branding. A company needs a brand that creates a lasting impression on its customers; being a window replacement business, this was a bit of a challenge. We shunned focus groups and other forms of general research in favor of insightful, one-on-one interviews. Our aim was to get an understanding of what a consumer in Wolverhampton would like to see in a replacement windows service. After careful digging from a wide range of potential customers in Wolverhampton and beyond, we were able to build the right brand that resonated with the target audience and aligned with the values of Replacement Windows Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton Marketing for Replacement Windows

  • Technical guides
  • Blog posts

We were also able to make informed decisions on target marketing and achieving marketing objectives.

Central marketing objectives

The principal marketing objectives for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton were –

  • To cultivate a solid standing in Wolverhampton as a leader in windows replacement and general construction matters
  • To be known as a windows replacement company that’s in tune with the realities and concerns of its target customers.
  • For the company to be top in name recall all the way to the sales stage.
  • To cement the company’s position as the prefered brand during and after the sales cycle

This was a very important goal to achieve since customers tend to go straight for their preferred brand when making a purchase. Having a good insight on these objectives, we are able execute marketing campaigns with precision, increasing the company’s brand visibility and acceptance.

Windows Replacement Promotion in Wolverhampton

We conducted a high-impact and targeted promotion campaign that elicited the desired responses from target customers. We used a variety of ways to promote the brand, some of which were, carefully-placed ads for maximum ROI, personalized marketing, after-purchase surveys, and social media promotions.

Window Replacement SEO in Wolverhampton

Our profound knowledge of SEO practices helped us to create the right content, links, keywords, domain properties and other important ranking factors needed to ensure that Replacement Windows Wolverhampton was first on the front page of search results for window replacement companies/services in Wolverhampton. Significantly, we boosted Replacement Windows Wolverhampton’s SEO ranking by optimizing for both commercial and informational search queries on windows replacement in Wolverhampton and general building maintenance. Our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton required patience, hard work and consistent quality so that the company was able to generate and convert as many leads as possible at all times. And it worked.
So far, our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Wolverhampton has helped the company to make sales and engage with potential customers. Call or email us now, and together we will make lead generation work for you.

Contact Details –

Website – https://replacementwindows-wolverhampton.uk
Business Contact – John Kelly
Name of Business – Replacement Windows Wolverhampton
Main Phone – 0800 246 5983
Email Address – contact@replacementwindows-wolverhampton.uk

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