Lead Generation Campaign for Replacement Windows Coventry in Coventry by Socialable

The client, Replacement Windows Coventry is a replacement windows company delivering high-grade, tailored replacement windows services to its customers in Coventry. Replacement Windows Coventry has a relatively successful offline operation in Coventry but needed help translating that success to their online venture. Replacement Windows Coventry wanted to expand its customer base by generating, nurturing and converting more leads.

The Challenge

The task was to grow the company’s brand awareness online, and develop its reputation as a trustworthy brand with the aim of becoming the number one choice for both existing and potential customers all the time. We know that today’s consumers are more informed – they’ll know exactly what they need when they do online research. The real challenge is therefore to convince customers that a specific brand offers the ideal solutions to their needs.

The Target

In order for us to improve Replacement Windows Coventry’s online business, we needed to implement a complete rebuilding of their operations including marketing, web design and conversion rate optimization, all of which would work towards one goal – to create the most amount of leads possible and convert as many of them as possible into sales.

Our Replacement Windows Coventry Coventry Lead Generation Strategy

It’s not often that consumers require windows replacement services. And to succeed online, extra efforts have to be made to capture the attention of customers from among several competitors waiting, and to be there when a customer needs the service. Our knowledge of the industry informed our development of a comprehensive and bespoke lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Coventry in Coventry.

Socialable’s Lead Generation Solution for Replacement Windows Coventry Coventry Replacement Windows Service

Understanding the Replacement WIndows Business

B2C and B2B businesses have unique lead generation requirements. As a B2C windows replacement company, Replacement Windows Coventry had to reach as many customers as possible in Coventry and get enough conversions – where there are several competing options – for them to generate considerable revenue. This also had to be accomplished within the generally short sales cycle of a B2C business. Understanding the nature and demands of this type of business enabled us to develop an effective, targeted lead generation plan.

Market Research Replacement Windows Coventry Replacement Windows Service in Coventry

The first thing we did was to research the windows replacement market in Coventry, both online and offline. The idea was to understand the windows replacement industry especially as is relevant to Coventry, gain insight into the buying behavior of the target customers, and come up with a relevant, maximum-impact overall lead generation plan.

Replacement Windows Website Design for Replacement Windows Coventry Coventry

For a windows replacement company, their website acts as their shop window online. Thus, we built a website whose design would resonate with the target customers.

Website Layout

The website was designed with ease of use in mind – only distinct, necessary navigations were used. Using just the right amount of whitespace and distance between blocks of content, we were able to avoid clutter. Page design is consistent throughout the website, each page serving a particular, necessary purpose. We knew that great user experience would create a powerful and long-lasting impression on site visitors, which would in turn increase the chances of engagement and conversion.

Populating the new website

The site was full of images of replaced windows by Replacement Windows Coventry in Coventry, to show the company’s quality of service. And we added a video showing the company’s engineers at work at a client site in Coventry. Because we understand that 95% of purchase decisions take place without conscious thinking, we created few but very striking text.

Replacement Windows Coventry Lead Generation Pages

We created simple but compelling landing pages which site visitors responded to instantly. We created forms that visitors understood and were happy to fill out. The forms helped the company to gather necessary information that resulted in increased leads and conversions for Replacement Windows Coventry.

Branding for Coventry Windows Replacement

One of the main problems for Replacement Windows Coventry was branding. Replacement Windows Coventry needed to come up with a resonating brand which is traditionally difficult in the replacement windows industry. For thorough and accurate insight, we met and interviewed people individually, eliminating the unreliability of generalized research. The goal was to determine key interest areas for consumers in Coventry when assessing a window replacement service. Our extensive research, which involved respondents in and outside Coventry, provided us with ample information which we used to create the perfect brand that not only connected with the target audience, but also aligned with Replacement Windows Coventry’s overall principles.

Replacement Windows Marketing Coventry

  • Webinars
  • Social media

Through close partnership with Replacement Windows Coventry, we were able to determine the customers the company looked to reach through its marketing campaigns. Key Marketing Objectives for Replacement Windows Coventry Central to the marketing objectives of Replacement Windows Coventry were –

  • To be a respected and trusted provider of information, guidance and solutions on windows replacement and building in general.
  • To be a brand that demonstrates a unique ability to understand the most important needs and concerns of its potential customers.
  • To remain in the minds of the target customers until the sales stage
  • To cement the company’s position as the prefered brand during and after the sales cycle

This is very vital since buyers rarely consider brand options when buying, once they have a preferred brand in mind. Armed with a clear understanding of these objectives, our marketing campaigns were conducted with precision, leading to provable results.

Promotion of Replacement Windows in Coventry

We embarked on a robust but targeted promotion campaign, creating strong impressions on target customers and generating high-quality leads. The promotion techniques used included ROI-maximizing ads, social media promotions, personalized marketing, and after sales surveys.

SEO for Replacement Windows in Coventry

Due to our experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization it was possible for us to build the correct content, keywords, links, domain properties and other criteria for ranking so that Replacement Windows Coventry was among the first results for searches involving windows replacement in Coventry. A very important achievement of our SEO efforts was that we were able to make Replacement Windows Coventry rank high for both commercial and informational search queries on windows replacement and building work in Coventry. Our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Coventry required patience, hard work and consistent quality so that the company was able to generate and convert as many leads as possible at all times. And our efforts have proven to be a success.
So far, our Replacement Windows Coventry lead generation campaign has resulted in direct conversions and generated an additional qualified leads. Contact us now so we team up to create a lead generation plan that will take your business to the next level.

Contact Details –

Company website – https://replacementwindows-coventry.uk
Business Contact – Rebecca Roberts
Business Name – Replacement Windows Coventry
Phone Number – 0800 246 5983
Business Email – contact@replacementwindows-coventry.uk

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