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Aluminium Windows Newcastle is one of the top providers of aluminium windows in Newcastle upon Tyne. They have been successful over the years and have grown the company majorly via offline leads and client referrals. Recently, the company was having problems turning their strong online presence into leads and sales.
Although their social media channels were growing, customer engagement was poor. Poor sales conversions halted Aluminium Windows Newcastle business. They couldn’t justify ad spend on poor conversions, and were unable to grow.
At the rate they were getting, the cost per lead and sale was just too high. Customer complaint was low because Aluminium Windows Newcastle’s windows are strong and durable. In order to grow and profit, they needed to either reduce costs per lead or increase conversion, or both.
They soon realized they needed to get in touch with Socialable in Newcastle upon Tyne to solve these issues. Of course, we agreed to help and began by studying their current strategy and what they had achieved so far. Next, we set off to do a complete review of the website, marketing efforts, search engine optimization techniques digital strategy and more.
We “listened” to Aluminium Windows Newcastle’s prospects and potential customers in order to analyze their buyer persona. We carefully created a buyer persona before proceeding. Some of the team also studied the Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond competition our client was up against. These factors and more helped us take on the challenge.

Designing the Aluminium Window Company Website

It was discovered after our careful analysis that the call-to-action portion of their website wasn’t optimal. We also observed that their messaging did not properly communicate how their technical ability was ideal for customers. We agreed that the homepage of the website needed to be lead-orientated and that the website in general needed to be more responsive. Knowing the buyer persona, we moved on to create a simple but well-structured landing page.
We gave customers the opportunity to learn more about how to choose the right aluminium window to suit their need. The call to action was simple but strong and we made the customer feel more comfortable giving their information by displaying prominently various accolades our client had picked up over the years and other credentials that positioned our client as a leader. Based on the buyer persona analysis we carried out, we carefully crafted two unique selling propositions to help our client attract more of the right business. After years of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds making their digital marketing more effective, we were able to use our best practices. Before choosing the best converting USP, we employed an A/B split testing method to test the USP’s on different pages.

Aluminum Window Company SEO

We designed a new search engine optimization strategy that used customer demographics to better target clients. Through research and analysis we were able to attract better prospects by creating the right long-tail keywords. Our analysis revealed that while they ranked high for some keywords, the keywords were not action-oriented and the users they brought in were mostly still researching and checking out their options and were not looking to buy soon. We also attached another landing page and call to action to the existing content, as it was already proving successful in attracting visitors via search engines. We then just looked at creating a new campaign that would turn those browsers into buyers.

Marketing for Aluminium Window Company

We started by consulting and creating a proficient marketing plan for Aluminium Windows Newcastle. We synchronized Aluminium Windows Newcastle marketing online campaign and ensured that it was customer-centric and Newcastle upon Tyne focused. We enhanced the social media campaign to increase customer and social engagement.
We focused on addressing customers’ needs and posting useful comments to achieve real engagement. In terms of pay per click marketing, we redesigned the campaign and started targeting a new set of keywords based on our own time-tested strategy. We thoroughly assess customer engagement data and how many leads and calls were generated from each page after sending traffic to two different landing pages. We also created different contents including engaging articles, videos, and more customer testimonial, thanks to our more robust engagement with customers on social media.

Quality Aluminium Window Company Promotions

By targeting highly qualified leads for Aluminium Windows Newcastle in Newcastle upon Tyne, we ran mainly digital promotion. The promotion was made up of paid search traffic, paid social media clicks, and content marketing. Having spent thousands of pounds developing and optimizing paid search campaigns coupled with the buyer persona already developed, we were able to run a profitable Google PPC campaign right from the start. Apart from generating profitable traffic from social media, the level of engagement increased significantly.
With our high quality content we were able to target a wider audience using Aluminium Windows Newcastle niche services. The marketing also put Aluminium Windows Newcastle closer towards becoming the leading aluminium window service provider in Newcastle upon Tyne. We continually increase ROI and adapt to changes in order to keep optimizing the campaign. We created a brand voice for our client that was solid both on and offline. We went forth with some online branding techniques to help our client stand out in the marketing campaign.

Lead Generation for Aluminum Window Services in Newcastle upon Tyne

We harmonized lead generation across several platforms for Aluminium Windows Newcastle to achieve maximum results. The cost per lead came down by a staggering 79% while conversion increased by 81%. We have been able to increase the amount of organic lead by 42% thus far.
This is proof that our client’s funnel is now always full and our follow-up campaign allows the client to see more aluminium windows. We helped Aluminium Windows Newcastle in Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond make progress with high-quality but low-cost leads that are nurtured with our simple and effective marketing strategy. Sometimes, the marketing campaign strategy that’s needed is not far out. It might just be an outside eye that extracts and implements the beneficial change to your marketing plan.

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