Skip Hire Skip Hire Hove A Case Study

With the assistance of Socialable a creative marketing company, small and medium businesses can develop beyond limitations to become more competitive in their industry. We started in 2009, and since then have been giving start-ups strong lead generation solutions that combine our creativity, marketing experience, and expertise. Here is a case study of a project for one of our clients Hove, a company operating in Hove.

Lead Generation for Skip Hire Company in Hove

Type of Company – Hove offers a variety of services to people who wish to dispose of waste products. It can be difficult for the residents and businesses of Hove to find dependable, high-quality waste-disposal services. There is a prevailing suspicion that online skip hire companies farm out their work to unreliable service providers. We wondered how we could put potential customers who were sceptical in touch with Skip Hire Hove, the skip hire company.
Socialable’s solution had to rely on the classic business strategy of lead generation. Skip hire’s online presence in Hove was already established, but there was room for improvement when it was time for customers to take the first step towards online engagement and conversion. Our online marketers resolved to execute a bevy of strategies tailored to increase web engagement and visibility.

SEO strategies for skip hire company in Hove

There was need for Hoveto rake in more visitors to their site; therefore, we embarked on a content driven tactic. Though this is a demanding strategy, requiring a major investment of time and resources, we find that it works best for us. Our basic method –

  • Use content designed to attract backlinks

By implementing this strategy, we hoped to increase the domain authority of skip hire’s website. As the website gained authority it became easier to rank for certain keywords. Socialable used a second strategy and that was non-content driven.
This strategy, as the name suggests, did not focus on content creation or promotion. Rather, it centres on optimising online material for specific keywords. Many small business clients prefer this strategy because it is a lot less costly than the content drive strategy. Some tactics –

  • We optimised keyword use on certain webpages.
  • We targeted pages to optimise for the keywords.
  • Resolving all issues identified in the SEO audit
  • Lastly, we obtained particular keywords that the company needed us to rank for; we used Google Keyword Planner to research them.

The main objective was to substantiate their search volume; we created relevant keyword combinations that prospective clients of the company were utilizing to search. The result – An instant 230% increase in lead volume for Hove in Hove. Organic search has risen by 70.83% since the campaign was launched.

Skip hire in Hove – Web Design

We turned to our graphic designers to optimise visitor conversion by improving skip hire’s website. These were our objectives –

  • Improve overall web aesthetics and user experience, and make the website more engaging and professional
  • The techniques and tools we employed were web design, UX & prototyping, SEO & Analytics, quality assurance, mobile accessibility, information architecture and Custom WordPress.

We first employed a prototype which integrated SEO into the site’s design while also offering users a quicker, more easy-to-use site. Anyone in Hove who was interested in the services that Hove offers could find the information that they need with ease on the new website. It was obvious that Hove needed a more modern and user-friendly site that could connect with their end user and communicate things more easily. The improved web design would also give it a refreshed online presence.
To achieve this, we engaged the use of strong typography and a branded management of their photography. Then we improved the site’s visual appeal by incorporating bright colours and white space, which made it feel more inviting and easy to read. All these aspects were brought together in order to give the website a complete overhaul. The results were instant.
The website engagement increased significantly by 23% due to the aesthetics and ease of navigation. Conversion rates improved by 3% following accessibility on new mobile platforms. It was important for Hove to convey an image that demonstrated trustworthiness and authority to their ideal customer and visitors to their website. Once we had completed an assessment, the Socialable branding team arrived to discuss the brand values of the company.
This new positioning strategy would be geared towards reassuring customers about skip hire’s reliability and service efficiency in Hove. Instant response time and exceptional client service were the company’s brand values; these are the two essential qualities to those looking for services offered by skip hire. Focusing on this message we ran campaigns which included guest blogging, emails and other strategies used by digital marketers.
From our tests, we noted a positive relationship for alleged impressions of Hove within a short stint. Our tests showed that a large proportion of residents of Hove associated Hove with the words ‘trustworthy’ and ‘efficient’, reflecting the brand values we were communicating. Alongside an increase in conversion rates in recent months, Hove’s lead generation has grown by 30%.

What makes our campaigns for Skip hire in Hove a success?

At Socialable we start each project by listening to our clients and taking down every point. Our attention to detail may be described as meticulous but it gets the job done. After identifying your particular needs, we head into our tactics rooms, and come up with a plan that we execute thoroughly. Everyone here at Socialable is focused on solving your problems, and we all have a hand in giving you ideal results.

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