Socialable’s Campaign for Lead Generation for Replacement Windows Glasgow in Glasgow

Replacement Windows Glasgow, is a replacement window company dedicated to providing top-quality, custom-made replacement windows to customers in Glasgow. Being successful with their offline operations, Replacement Windows Glasgow aimed to translate that success online. Replacement Windows Glasgow wanted to expand its customer base by generating, nurturing and converting more leads.

The Lead Generation Demand

The task was to grow the company’s brand awareness online, and develop its reputation as a trustworthy brand with the aim of becoming the number one choice for both existing and potential customers all the time. We are aware of the fact that customers aren’t that easily converted in this age where products and services are easily researched online. Modern consumers need the considerable and expert persuasion to agree that a particular brand meets their needs and in the way that they want.

The Objective

Our goal was to do a total re-work of Replacement Windows Glasgow online business venture, making every part of the operation to work towards generating, nurturing and converting as many leads as possible.

Socialable’s Lead Generation Strategy for Replacement Windows Glasgow Glasgow

Windows replacement services is one of the less often demanded services. In order to achieve online success for this business, extra effort is needed to capture customer interest and be readily available once the customer does need the service. And that’s why we came up with a comprehensive solution for Replacement Windows Glasgow’s lead generation problems.

Our Solution to Replacement Windows Glasgow Replacement Windows Service Glasgow Lead Generation Challenges

Business Type Definition for Replacement Windows

Challenges in lead generation for B2B is different to B2C’s. Because it is mainly a B2C company, Replacement Windows Glasgow needed to reach out and convert as many clients as possible in Glasgow – where a strong competition for patronage exists – in order to generate revenue that will make the business sustainable. And there’s very limited amount of time to succeed at this as the B2C business sales cycle is relatively short. Knowing the demands of a B2C business model, we were able to create the best strategy for generating leads and penetrating the right target market for increased conversion.

Market Research on Replacement Windows in Glasgow

Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive market research, both online and offline. We wanted to gain insight into the workings of the replacement windows industry in Glasgow, understand how to create the desired impression on target customers, and then engage and convert these customers at the right time.

Website Design for Replacement Windows Glasgow Replacement Windows Services Glasgow

The website of a windows replacement company is their online shop window. We set out to design a website that would create the right effect on the potential customers.

Technical Design of the Website

The website was simplistic in design, with well defined tabs and dropdown buttons only where needed. Neat block separation and generous white space make it easy on the eyes for site visitors. We aimed for uniform design and relevancy in all the pages. Through these, we hoped to create an enjoyable website experience for the user which is fundamental in lead generation and conversion.

Contents of the new Replacement Windows Glasgow website

The site was full of images of replaced windows by Replacement Windows Glasgow in Glasgow, to show the company’s quality of service. To drive the point home to potential customers, we included a video of Replacement Windows Glasgow technicians delivering replacement windows service in Glasgow. Knowing that 95% of the decision to purchase happens in the buyer’s subconscious mind, we came up with exactly the right text that would connect deeply with site visitors.

Replacement Windows Glasgow Lead Generation Pages

We created simple but compelling landing pages which site visitors responded to instantly. We created forms that visitors understood and were happy to fill out. Through the forms, the company was able to collect information from potential customers which helped to engage them and also convert some of them immediately.

Replacement Windows Branding Glasgow

Branding was a big problem area for Replacement Windows Glasgow. Replacement Windows Glasgow needed to come up with a resonating brand which is traditionally difficult in the replacement windows industry. Using the more powerful, intuitive strategy of one-on-one interviews, we were able to gain the insight that focus groups would not provide. We needed to know what exactly consumers in Glasgow considered as the ideal replacement windows service. After going through the responses from a wide sample of potential clients in and outside of Glasgow, we were able to come up with a brand that both aligns with Replacement Windows Glasgow values and resonates with the desired audience.

Glasgow Marketing of Replacement Windows

  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media

We worked with Replacement Windows Glasgow to understand its main marketing target customers as well as its marketing objectives.

Principal marketing objectives

Central to the marketing objectives of Replacement Windows Glasgow were –

  • To cultivate a solid standing in Glasgow as a leader in windows replacement and general construction matters
  • To present the company as one who understands the main needs and deep concerns of its varied target customers
  • To stay in the consciousness of target customers from brand awareness to purchase decision
  • To secure and maintain customers’ patronage

This was a very important goal to achieve since customers tend to go straight for their preferred brand when making a purchase. Having a good insight on these objectives, we are able execute marketing campaigns with precision, increasing the company’s brand visibility and acceptance.

Promotion of Replacement Windows in Glasgow

We developed a comprehensive, focused promotion campaign and were able to get more potential customers to connect with the company. Some of the promotion efforts employed were social media ads, ads on relevant sites, personalized marketing, and after sales surveys.

Window Replacement SEO in Glasgow

Our profound knowledge of SEO practices helped us to create the right content, links, keywords, domain properties and other important ranking factors needed to ensure that Replacement Windows Glasgow was first on the front page of search results for window replacement companies/services in Glasgow. A very important achievement of our SEO efforts was that we were able to make Replacement Windows Glasgow rank high for both commercial and informational search queries on windows replacement and building work in Glasgow. In order to optimize conversion for Replacement Windows Glasgow on a consistent basis, we had to maintain a high-quality lead generation campaign for a long period of time. And it paid off.
Our data shows sales and qualified leads for Replacement Windows Glasgow as a direct result of our lead generation campaign for the company. Contact us now so we team up to create a lead generation plan that will take your business to the next level.

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