Socialable’s Lead Generation Campaign for Replacement Windows Edinburgh in Edinburgh

Replacement Windows Edinburgh provides have access to top-of-the-line, made-to-order replacement windows services to customers in and around Edinburgh. Being successful with their offline operations, Replacement Windows Edinburgh aimed to translate that success online. The company needed to increase their online reach, attract new customers, generate leads, and convert these leads into sales.

The Lead Generation Demand

Develop profound engagement. We are aware of the fact that customers aren’t that easily converted in this age where products and services are easily researched online. They have to be convinced that a product or service provider is the one that matches their needs best.

Our Goal

Our main objective was to perform a complete overhaul of Replacement Windows Edinburgh’s online business efforts from website design to marketing and conversion optimization, so that every aspect was integrated to achieve one goal – to generate as many leads as feasible and nurture most of them into conversion.

Lead Generation Strategy by Socialable for Replacement Windows Edinburgh Edinburgh

It’s not often that consumers require windows replacement services. Success in this industry therefore requires that a company overcome two specific challenges – to make a powerful impression on customers and to be ready when the customer needs a replacement windows service. Our knowledge of the industry informed our development of a comprehensive and bespoke lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Edinburgh in Edinburgh.

Socialable’s Comprehensive Lead Generation Approach for Replacement Windows Edinburgh Replacement Windows Service Edinburgh

Definition of the Replacement Windows Business

B2C and B2B businesses face different challenges in lead generation. As a mainly B2C windows replacement company, Replacement Windows Edinburgh faced the challenge of having to reach and convert enough customers in Edinburgh – who already have a wealth of options – in order to generate meaningful revenue. All of this needed to be achieved within the relatively short B2C connection-to-conversion cycle. Knowing the demands of a B2C business model, we were able to create the best strategy for generating leads and penetrating the right target market for increased conversion.

Market Research Replacement Windows Edinburgh Replacement Windows Service in Edinburgh

We started with a thorough research of the target market, pooling information from both online and offline data. Our goals included getting a good grasp of the windows replacement industry in Edinburgh, finding out how the target customers choose their brands during purchase; and then developing a plan to make Replacement Windows Edinburgh the brand of choice during purchase.

Website Design for Replacement Windows Edinburgh Replacement Windows Services Edinburgh

The website of a windows replacement company is their online shop window. Hence, our goal was to design a website that would thoroughly impress potential customers.

Technical Design of the Website

The website was designed for high usability – tabs were clearly defined and dropdown menus were used only where necessary. Site visitors will find it easy to use the site thanks through the liberal use of white space and block separation. Every page has a specific purpose, with consistent design throughout the website. The overall aim was to create great user experience which is vital for lead generation and conversion.

Website content

By using images of buildings whose windows Replacement Windows Edinburgh had replaced, we were able to help Replacement Windows Edinburgh showcase what they could offer customers. A video showing the company’s technicians in action in Edinburgh was also included. Because we understand that 95% of purchase decisions take place without conscious thinking, we created few but very striking text.

Landing Web Pages

We were able to create simple, impactful landing pages that forged instant connection with visitors. We created forms visitors were clear about and willing to fill. The forms were also crafted such that the information collected was enough to develop a comprehensive lead generation, nurture and conversion cycle; and some of the conversion was immediate.

Branding for Edinburgh Windows Replacement

Another major challenge for Replacement Windows Edinburgh was branding. A company needs a brand that creates a lasting impression on its customers; being a window replacement business, this was a bit of a challenge. Using the more powerful, intuitive strategy of one-on-one interviews, we were able to gain the insight that focus groups would not provide. The goal was to get actionable insight as to how a consumer in Edinburgh can be attracted to a window replacement brand. After going through the responses from a wide sample of potential clients in and outside of Edinburgh, we were able to come up with a brand that both aligns with Replacement Windows Edinburgh values and resonates with the desired audience.

Marketing of Replacement Windows in Edinburgh

  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media

Through close collaboration with Replacement Windows Edinburgh, we were able to gain insight into who the company’s marketing campaigns were targeted at and what they were meant to achieve .

Main marketing objectives

Replacement Windows Edinburgh’s main marketing objectives were –

  • To establish the company as a trusted authority in windows replacement and general construction work in Edinburgh
  • To be a brand that demonstrates a unique ability to understand the most important needs and concerns of its potential customers.
  • To create a powerful and lasting impression on target customers from first contact to the point where they are ready to buy.
  • To secure and maintain customers’ patronage

Since a buyer will not usually consider a competitor if they already have a specific company in mind, this security is very important. With a clear understanding of the objectives, we were able to execute precision marketing campaigns that generated demonstrable increase in awareness of the company’s brand.

Promotion for Replacement Windows in Edinburgh

We developed a comprehensive, focused promotion campaign and were able to get more potential customers to connect with the company. The promotion techniques used included ROI-maximizing ads, social media promotions, personalized marketing, and after sales surveys.

Replacement Windows SEO Edinburgh

With in-depth knowledge of SEO practices, we created content, keywords, links, domain properties and other ranking techniques that propelled Replacement Windows Edinburgh to the first page of search results for window replacement in Edinburgh. Significantly, we boosted Replacement Windows Edinburgh’s SEO ranking by optimizing for both commercial and informational search queries on windows replacement in Edinburgh and general building maintenance. Our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Edinburgh required patience, hard work and consistent quality so that the company was able to generate and convert as many leads as possible at all times. This paid off.
So far, we have recorded direct conversions and qualified leads from our lead generation campaign. Call or email us now, and together we will make lead generation work for you.

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