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Aluminium Windows Merseyside is one of the major aluminium window providers in the Merseyside. Aluminium Windows Merseyside has proven success and led to company growth through offline leads and client referrals. The company’s strong online presence was developed over the years, but was recently finding it hard to convert traffic into leads and sales.
Their social media channels had been growing, but the engagement was poor. Because conversions were poor, Aluminium Windows Merseyside was stuck. They were not growing because money could not justifiably be spent on ads based on poor current results.
At the rate they were getting, the cost per lead and sale was just too high. Because their aluminium windows are built to last, they have few complaining customers. In order to grow and profit, they needed to either reduce costs per lead or increase conversion, or both.
Socialable in Merseyside was contacted to help with these difficulties. When we took up the task, we started by studying their current strategy and how much of their milestones had been accomplished. Afterward, we began a complete online strategy review – website, search engine optimization, marketing, and more.
Along with the above, our team was also analyzing Aluminium Windows Merseyside’s buyer persona and “listening” to their prospects and potential customers online. We carefully created a buyer persona before proceeding. Some of the team also studied the Merseyside and beyond competition our client was up against. With this information and more, we were prepared to take on the challenge.

Web Design Aluminum Window Company

After careful analysis, we noticed that the call-to-action on their website wasn’t well optimized or well placed. We also discovered that their messaging struggled to communicate how their superior technical ability would help their customers better. Most customers landed on the homepage, so we decided to make it more lead-orientated and the website more responsive. Next, with the buyer persona in mind, we created a simple, but clearly structured landing page.
We gave customers the opportunity to learn more about how to choose the right aluminium window to suit their need. We made the customer feel more at ease by providing them with clear information and details of credentials our client had achieved over the years. Two more unique selling propositions were created based on the buyer persona and the prospects our clients were hoping to attract. We employed our well developed techniques to make enhance their digital marketing process. However, we had to use A/B split testing before choosing the best converting USP to test different USPs we created.

SEO for Aluminium Window Company

We used the company’s demographics to design a new search engine optimization that would achieve better results. Through research and analysis we were able to attract better prospects by creating the right long-tail keywords. We saw through analysis that though the keywords drew in customers, they were not action-oriented enough and prospective customers did not necessarily take quick and decisive action upon browsing. We also attached another landing page and call to action to the existing content, as it was already proving successful in attracting visitors via search engines. We then just looked at creating a new campaign that would turn those browsers into buyers.

Aluminum Window Company Marketing

We began by creating the most effective marketing plan for Aluminium Windows Merseyside. We made sure that the Aluminium Windows Merseyside online marketing campaign was customer-centric and focused on Merseyside. We created more social engagement to better their social media campaign.
We focused on addressing customers’ needs and posting useful comments to achieve real engagement. In terms of pay per click marketing, we redesigned the campaign and started targeting a new set of keywords based on our own time-tested strategy. We listened to how customers engaged via two different landing pages and then compared how many leads and calls each generated. We were also able to create different content, such as interesting articles, videos, and customer testimonials because of our better social media engagement.

Aluminum Window Company Promotion

Digital promotions were the main source used for targeting leads for Merseyside Aluminium Windows Merseyside. Search paid traffic, social media pay-per-click, and content marketing made up the components of promotion. We could run a sufficient Google PPC campaign right away after spending thousands of pounds creating paid search campaigns and developing a buyer persona. The level of engagement began to increase significantly thanks to social media.
In terms of content, apart from creating high-quality content, we also marketed the content and used our relationship with influencers in Aluminium Windows Merseyside niche to bring the content to a wider audience, positioning Aluminium Windows Merseyside as a leader in the field of aluminium window services in Merseyside. In order to continue optimizing the campaign, we maintain a view of continually increasing ROI and adapt to changes. Already solid offline, we made sure our client’s brand voice was also solid online. We implemented several online branding techniques that ensured that our clients brand stood out in all our marketing campaign.

Merseyside Lead Generation for Aluminium Window Services

We used multiple platforms for Aluminium Windows Merseyside to synchronize lead generation. The cost per lead was reduced by 79%, while conversion increased by 81%. We have also increased the number of organic leads by 42%.
This is proof that our client’s funnel is now always full and our follow-up campaign allows the client to see more aluminium windows. Aluminium Windows Merseyside is one of the many clients we have helped in Merseyside and beyond make headway in terms of generating high quality leads at a fraction of the cost, and help to nurture these leads using our simple but effective marketing campaign. Sometimes, a needed marketing adjustment is not out of reach. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is needed to get the most out of your established marketing campaign.

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