Sales Consulting

Specialist sales consultancy services to companies to help increase sales effectiveness

At Socialable, we offer sales consulting services for our clients. This includes strategic and tactical sales advice to help companies achieve growth. It all begins with the sales process, setting clear goals, and adequate planning.

Knowing the best way to get your company, products, and services in front of your target audience is critical to your business success.

We provide specialist sales consultancy services to businesses, helping them increase sales effectiveness through strategic sales advice and support.

Areas we can assist you in include:

Market Access Strategy

Socialable’s research and support includes:

Target Audiences

We conduct a comprehensive research into your typical customer to identify segments and their buyer persona. Using this profile, we advise you on communication material that will appeal to them for leads generation and conversion.

Price Points

Based on market insights, product type and customer profile, our sales consulting experts can advise pricing strategies to outsmart competitors and achieve optimal ROI.

Barriers to Entry

For new businesses starting out in an established market, our professional marketing strategies are valuable to remain relevant and competitive for your customers.

Key Message Development

Our sales consulting team provides concept development for marketing communications across target audiences.


We conduct competitor analysis and benchmark marketing strategies for growth.

Existing Promotions

We help companies boost the running campaigns with advisory inputs based on evaluation of performance so far.

Educational Activity

We train sales teams on negotiation skills, pitching and understanding consumer behaviour

Forecast Trends

Socialable’s sales consultants perform surveys on the current market conditions and proffer next step solutions for a winning business strategy.

Sales Campaign Strategy and Planning

For a winning campaign strategy, we prepare a detailed marketing plan with actionable steps and time-based deliverables to keep your customers engaged. We also offer conversion optimisation techniques to increase sales conversion rates.

Our Sales Consultancy Services also include

Developing a Sales strategy
Planning Sales activities to optimise results
Improving the client sales process


Sales Performance Review

We review sales performance using the following process:

Identifying potential improvements in existing sales procedures
Implementing these improvements
Highlighting key issues observed
Proffering practical solutions for best results
Improving time and resource management
Final evolution of the sales process
Sales Campaign Collateral

Our Sales Content Production Services cover:

Case studies
Sales presentations
Suggest actions that will get results
Content strategy
Sales Coaching, Mentoring and Training

We review sales performance using the following process:

One-to-one or team coaching
Team Training

Sales and other executive leaders have a wealth of ideas on how to improve their sales. With so many alternatives- people, structure, procedure, management and counselling, it becomes difficult to identify what exactly you need to do, to increase the level of performance.

As one of the leading marketing companies with sophisticated analytic tools and experienced sales consultants, Socialable can help you establish with certainty which paths will lead to marked growth in your company’s sales performance.

You will work with a sales consultant who understands the specifics of your industry and discover the changes you need to make for an impressive sales outcome.

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