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The Platform for Successful Marketing Campaigns.

A website is the platform for building most successful marketing campaigns. It is a virtual shop that provides your business information to several people from different locations. People hardly patronise businesses without first checking if they are genuine online. Likewise, the success of a marketing campaign depends largely on a live website that has more information for the people the promotion is targeted at.

Prospective clients get information about your business purpose, aims, values, location, your current customers and many more via your website. This is why it needs to be informative, up to date, user friendly and engaging. Think of it like this. If you have a professional website which communicates efficiently, you will likely be positioned as a leader in the industry you serve.

Website Development and Management

Creating a website these days is becoming increasingly easy. However, the successful management of a website over a long period of time takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Here at Socialable, we understand how challenging it could be creating and maintaining a relevant website.  Your website needs to be accessible and also reflect your business identity.  We can work with you to provide advice on how to maintain and optimise your current site. But, if there is a need for bigger changes, we will let you know and advise you on the effective step to take. We can either recommend to float and manage a new website for you or efficiently work on the old one optimising it for better and faster user experience.


We will guide you on what you need and ensure that you get it, in a timely and cost effective manner. Having a fast, well-coded, accessible web site creates an enjoyable online user experience while also improving search engine rankings. Our team of talented developers are expert in web design and web application developments including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Flash, and DNN.

We primarily make use of DNN (DotNetNuke) codec to develop your web to ensure its compatibility with any browser and mobile devices. This renders browsers to automatically be compliant with HTML for features such as layout, styles, etc.

The success and growth of your business depends largely on your website. It gives an impression of your business to the outside world and also provides information about your products and services. It might also give you a competitive edge over rivals. At Socialable, we can help guide you through transitioning into a new engaging website whilst also retaining your business’ identity.

By managing your website we will expertly retain and convert it into an asset which will generate leads and bring in more sales to you. A slow website is the number one turn off for online users; our team will continue to optimise your website efficiently and expertly to make it fast and for search engines to crawl it effectively so as to continue to show up in top searches.

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