Employee Recognition — What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Use It Effectively

Introvert or extrovert — we all strive to be seen in one way or another. That’s because being recognized by our partners, our families, or our co-workers feels good. It inspires a sense of achievement, of belonging. Recognition is a primitive feeling. As an employee, you should be tapping into this powerful intrinsic driver to get the best out of

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Become A Super Successful Content Creator: 5 Simple Tips

Content writing is one of the most used online earning methods by students and professionals across the world. How to become a good content creator and which additional tools can promote the content creating process of a writer. These questions are common from the newbies interested in the freelance writing process. We are going to see here some of the

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AI In Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence systems have been revolutionising customer service and relationship management systems for a few years now and it is not slowing down. AI automates many of the processes that were once operated solely by people. Some may see this as a negative thing. But, in reality, it has helped reduced the workload of many members of a stressed out

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Smart Cards: What Different Organisations Benefit from Using Them?

A smart card is an electronic device which is designed to hold and store information for different types of authorisation, such as personal identification, application processing and resource accessing. They store all this data on a microchip and are used in tandem with card readers. The most common example of a smart card would be your credit or debit card.

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The ABC’s of SEO

Welcome to another guide about the wonderful world of search engine optimisation (SEO). I’m sure you’re sick to death of reading these. Everyone claims to have the next big trick that will help you climb the search engine ranking pages (SERP’s). Honestly, we’re all liars. When it comes to SEO, nobody knows anything for certain. In fact, the second we

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