Direct Marketing

Dynamic integrated sales lead generation strategies and campaigns

Go beyond conventional methods


At Socialable, our direct marketing solutions go beyond conventional methods of simply mailing and calling out using acquired data lists.

Our direct marketing methods are built on dynamic, integrated, sales lead generation strategies, campaigns, involving email marketing, landing pages, content, webinars, blogs with calls to action, telemarketing, and statistical analysis of responses.

More importantly, our direct marketing campaigns are launched from a platform of accurate, concisely segmented and targeted data lists. We combine these with creative and systematic calls to action.

We have a robust customer data base but where necessary, our agreements with B2B and B2C data-brokers ensure our clients are able to access the most precise data at the most competitive rates. We then deliver telemarketing campaigns aimed at generating ‘opt in’ direct marketing lists and arranging meetings with influencers

We also create blog platforms with calls to action sign-up forms to enable you to generate an opt-in email database of engaged prospects. Our campaign data lists are accurate and tested to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers’ mailing campaigns.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective direct-marketing techniques, within the promotional mix. It is equally one of the most challenging.

When applied properly, email marketing provides an efficient and cost effective method of generating sales leads. It is also easy to integrate with other marketing channels and activities such as landing pages and content marketing. It gives CRM systems (closed loop marketing) a huge boost in nurturing organic leads for sales conversion and building loyalty.

However, in order to build an effective email marketing campaign, it is essential to have an email marketing specialist that can help you build a clean and accurate email marketing list. Socialable can help build these lists for you.

We design and execute email marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients. We can also provide a web-hosted email marketing system for in-house management.

At Socialable, we help our customers increase the effectiveness of email campaigns through:

Comprehensive reporting on email marketing campaigns to enable the understanding of bounce and click through rates, and to enable comparison with industry benchmarks.
Sending out of sequential auto-responders that are designed to guide prospects and buyers through the buying process through delivering the correct information at just the right time.
Whitelisting- we use specialist techniques that help clients get added in their customers’ address book. Our overall strategy operates a permission based email marketing system
Email campaigns with strong call-to-action and consistent follow-up. Our in-house developed email marketing schedule ensures you supply your customers with content and newsletters when it is due. It is also programmed to spread evenly to prevent content over-flood and numbness.
Precise timing: We have conducted tests for many clients to know the best time their customers respond to emails. However, we also understand that every client is unique, so our methods are personalised to suit each client.

Email marketing is highly effective for up-selling, cross-selling and reducing cognitive dissonance among customers. Contact us to set up a direct marketing campaign for your customers.

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