Why Your Website is Not Ranking Higher

Every business and website owner wants to rank higher on Google and other search engines because this is the best way to increase organic traffic to a website. Even when some of your pages are ranking, you might find that they are not ranking as high as they should. This is a serious issue that can have serious repercussions for your business, and this is why it should be rectified as soon as possible. Before you start looking for potential fixes though, you need to understand some of the issues that can affect your website’s ranking.

Lack of Trust

Businesses need to build trust if they want people to buy from them. This is the same for ranking; if people feel they can trust you, they will visit your website often and this leads to a better rank. So, how can you build this trust?

The first thing you need is to have an honest look at your content. Visitors are looking for information as well as to be helped and understood. Does your content fit these criteria? Remember that it is not always enough to write content; it is also about how the content comes across to your visitors. If you can build trust and credibility without bombarding visitors with sales messages, you will see increased visitor numbers and a better ranking.

Usability Issues

As mobile users continue to dominate visit and search numbers, Google has made usability, and user experience by extension, an important ranking factor. One serious factor that all businesses and website owners must pay attention to is loading speed. Google expects websites to load fast on computers and more so on mobile devices. They also expect users to have a great experience on your websites which can be influenced by factors like navigation, text contrast, button sizes, image optimisation and more.

The good news here is that many of these usability issues can be resolved with proper web design. To ensure your website does not have these usability issues, you should try a web development service or local website development agency that focuses on usability and user experience. The right web development agency will not only design a great and usable website, but they will also code it in such a way that it is fast and has no technical issues that could impact ranking.

Poor Internal Linking

Search engine spiders, crawlers and bots use context to understand what your website is about. They go through your website by following links from one post and page to another. If you have a poor internal linking structure, it gets much harder for them to do their job and to find out how the various pages and posts are linked. This makes it much harder for them to understand context and therefore the phrases and keywords your various posts and pages should rank for.

It can be disappointing if your website and content are ranking lower than expected even when optimised and well written. Fortunately, finding out and rectifying the issues that might be leading to a lower ranking is easy as there are various tools and numerous resources that can help you find out what the issues are so you can rank higher.

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