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Socialable is an innovative marketing company that assists medium and small scale companies expand into aggressive players within their industries. We started in 2009, and since then have been giving start-ups strong lead generation solutions that combine our creativity, marketing experience, and expertise. The following case study will examine the services performed for CSt Albans located in St Albans.

Lead Generation for Skip Hire Company in St Albans

Nature of Business – St Albans offers top-notch services to assist people eliminate waste materials. Individuals and businesses in St Albans looking for reliable and convenient ways to dispose their waste often find it difficult locating a real service company. There is a prevailing suspicion that online skip hire companies farm out their work to unreliable service providers. We needed a way to bring the high-quality skip hire services of Skip Hire St Albans to the attention of customers in St Albans.
To deal with this problem, we at Socialable had to find a way to generate leads for Skip Hire St Albans. Although the online presence of St Albans had been established there was much room for improvement where customers could be engaged and eventually converted. We took steps via our online marketing team to improve web engagement and increase visibility with some key strategies.

SEO strategies for skip hire company in St Albans

There was need for St Albansto rake in more visitors to their site; therefore, we embarked on a content driven tactic. This is a strategy that we prefer to use even though it takes a substantial amount of time, resources and effort. Our basic method –

  • Promote content designed to attract backlinks

By implementing this strategy, we hoped to increase the domain authority of skip hire’s website. By increasing the site’s authority, we would improve its ranking for keywords. Non-content driven tactic was the second strategy we applied.
Just like the strategy’s name implies, we didn’t make or advertise content. Instead, we optimised several webpages for target keywords. Because this strategy requires less investment of resources, small businesses tend to prefer it. Our tactics included –

  • We identified target keywords by looking closely at the competitors, then sought skip hire’s approval of the new keywords.
  • By performing an SEO audit, we found all of the problems arising from technical and backlink issues.
  • Continuous acquisition of relevant backlinks until the client ranked
  • Our last step was to use Google Keyword Planner to help us research skip hire’s preferred keywords.

We were able to check the search volume of these keywords, along with other keywords which prospective customers had used alongside skip hire’s preferred keywords. The result – An instant 230% increase in lead volume for St Albans in St Albans. Organic search has increased by 70.82% since we launched the campaign.

How did we improve the web design for skip hire in St Albans?

Skip hire’s website needed better graphic design, with Socialable’s help, in order to maximise lead conversion. Our objectives were –

  • Improve the content strategy and site navigation for mobile responsiveness
  • Tools and techniques we used were Custom WordPress, information architecture, mobile accessibility, quality assurance, SEO & Analytics, UX & prototyping and web design.

Based on the goals, we came up with a sample to make a new site that could enhance user experience by ensuring access to essential information is stress-free and real time; and to bring the search integration of St Albans to the general site structure. With these improvements, search engines would reliably steer potential customers in St Albans to skip hire’s website. In terms of style, St Albans needed a website that connected and communicated better with the targeted audience. By improving the web design the company would have a fresh presence online.
To make sure we achieved this, we used strong typography as well as a branded managing of their photography. Then we improved the site’s visual appeal by incorporating bright colours and white space, which made it feel more inviting and easy to read. Finally, it was time to implement these overhauls on the site. Success followed immediately.
We saw visitor engagement jump by 23% after improving the appearance and navigability of the site. We also improved conversion by 3% once we made the site more accessible by mobile. We needed to give St Albans a look that online visitors would recognise as trustworthy and authoritative. We decided that St Albans brand values needed improvement.
This new positioning strategy would be geared towards reassuring customers about skip hire’s reliability and service efficiency in St Albans. Since people who search for skip hire services in St Albans prioritise quick response time and customers service, we established these two qualities as St Albans’s brand values. We implemented a multi-pronged digital marketing approach centred on these values, writing guest blogs on waste management sites and emailing potential customers in St Albans, among other strategies.
It didn’t take long for those tests to increase the popularity of St Albans. In fact, as a result of our successful marketing campaign, a large percentage of survey respondents in St Albans thought of St Albans as ‘efficient’ and ‘trustworthy’. Recently, St Albans has managed to report major growth in terms of lead generation as well as substantial conversion from inquisitive visitors on their site.

Keys to Socialable’s success with skip hire campaigns in St Albans

Our first step with every project is to sit down with our clients and listen closely to their needs. We believe that it is important to take the time to be meticulous and that can take longer, but it’s important. After listening to our clients’ needs, our teams come together to design and implement a cohesive, custom-made strategy. Each team member plays their part in bringing all issues to a successful conclusion and ensuring your business is successful.

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