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At Socialable, we have helped Martha Foster become a recognizable brand in the Christchurch sash window scene. When they engaged Socialable, they were struggling with generating leads. To grow and remain sustainable, they needed to generate leads in a cost-effective manner. They struggled with low conversion rates while their cost per lead was high.
They launched an unsuccessful campaign to get targeted organic leads, and were falling behind the competition. They decided to take immediate action on noticing their falling search engine ranking. They got leads from a different target market. Martha Foster clearly had a visible online presence, but engagement with customers in Christchurch was poor.
Sociable decided to do a forensic analysis of its online presence from the scratch, after consulting with Martha Foster. We spared some time and learnt about Martha Foster’s buyer persona. We re-evaluated their digital marketing campaign.
Since Martha Foster already had a strong social media presence, we were able to “listen” and understand their customers using some of our social listening tools and analytics, coupled with the skills we have perfected over the years. We’ve always been customer-centric since we launched lead generation services in Christchurch. We take considerable time to profile our client’s audience so we can understand their purchase behavior. It’s a combination of art and science borne from investing in experimental techniques throughout the years.
Martha Foster noticed a major spike in their business activity when we applied this practice to their strategy. One of the findings we made was Martha Foster’s email campaign and website hadn’t changed despite the evolution of their audience’s demographics and buying preferences. Due to Martha Foster poor engagement strategies, their competitors were able to stay ahead with better online campaigns and communication strategies. Our strategy helped in improving engagement significantly on all channels, reduced average cost of acquiring lead by almost 53%, and increased Martha Foster’s conversion by 103%. Here are some areas we developed for Martha Foster –

Sash Windows Christchurch Website Re-design

The first thing we did was redesign the website completely. We found out from our study that web visitors landing on the homepage were not convinced to engage and that the call-to-action was not well-optimised. Our team also suggested Martha Foster recreate their landing page to be more relevant to their marketed products.
We came up with a guide and motivated customers to watch a video that provided them with guidelines on how to assess sash windows. A call-to-action that targeted prospective sash window customers was linked with the video that we included using attractive and interesting words that resonated with the targeted demographic in order to lure the customers. A wide audience of our Martha Foster’s prospects liked the offer that we created.

Martha Foster’s Sash Windows Marketing Strategy

At Socialable, we believe effective marketing should be straightforward. We have built a method that seeks to know more about our target audience than most people. Our intervention was guided by these same principles. We began by putting in place a marketing plan upon consulting with Martha Foster.
The plan included the things we intended to do and the procedure to do it, with measurable outcomes and milestones. We put in place every single plan towards the defining goal, each complementing the other. We also observed response. An example of this is that we re-designed the pay per click program that was aimed at prospects in Christchurch.
We created two different landing pages and then tested the traffic against them. Furthermore, we created an email campaign with which we consistently educated and nurtured the leads. Socialable follows a holistic approach to marketing and these are just tiny illustrations of the process and work we put into making Martha Foster profitable.

Search Engine Optimisation Tweaks

We did off-site and on-site search engine optimization for Martha Foster. Due to the dynamic nature of SEO, we constantly keep an eye on the SEO effort and respond to changes in trend. Our experience over the years of helping clients get to the first page of Google put us ahead of the game. We researched and found new long-tail keywords. We started targeting, and we were able to create quality content – and thanks to our connection with top influencers – we were able to share with targeted audience, and this brought a new stream of viewers and valuable backlinks.

Branding Martha Foster’s Sash Window Company in Christchurch

Our strategies were consistent with Martha Foster’s brand identity because of our regular communications. We amplified the brand’s reach and ensured the brand’s voice and the image were maintained in all marketing copies.

Promotion Campaign for Sash Windows Christchurch Sash Windows in Christchurch

We ran promotions across various platforms online, especially through paid search pay-per-click and social media pay-per-click with a limited budget, while we fine-tuned and optimized conversion. Before long we were generating leads and making sales conversions online at reasonable cost margins which we boosted with promotions across other platforms. Lead-to-sales conversion increased by 110%, while the landing page we designed was bringing in 73% more leads.

Martha Foster Sash Window Lead Generation

Ever since we took over, the lead generation across multiple platforms online has been boosted. Martha Foster can now get very good referrals and highly-qualified leads in Christchurch apart from creating meaningful engagement on social media. Leads from organic traffic are also well-targeted and better-converting.
Martha Foster claims they have never received a better return on its marketing money. Martha Foster is already on the front page of search engines, bringing in qualified organic leads, thanks to some of the long tail keywords we targeted. We continue to use the content strategy we made for Martha Foster by creating engaging and relevant content that not only ranks Martha Foster higher on Google and bringing in leads, but also puts Martha Foster in a position to lead in the Sash window industry in Christchurch. We keep adapting and optimizing the various pages because you can never be stagnant in this industry or you lag behind.
The fact is that we helped Martha Foster to significantly boost profitability by selling more sash windows with a fraction of their previous digital marketing cost. Martha Foster is one of the many companies we have helped significantly boost profit through our simple but detailed and effective marketing campaigns. The talent in our team and the experience have benefited a lot of companies. We can help your organization generate high quality leads that converts.

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