Drainage Company’s Targeted Lead Generation in Cardiff

Drainage Cardiff is a drainage company located in Cardiff who wanted to gain more local clients in the Cardiff area. To do this, they ran a targeted lead campaign with Socialable. Although they had clear goals, the company simply didn’t have the knowledge or resources to run a sufficient lead generation campaign in the time period specified.

Lead Generation Targets for Drainage Company at Cardiff

  • To generate interest resulting in more people enquiring about their services.
  • To raise the number of visitors to its website
  • To have more followers on social media.

The Socialable team is experienced in lead generation for drainage companies, and has previously run successful campaigns in the Cardiff area in the past, which meant we were the best choice. Due to our experience as a lead generation company able to work within set time limits, we began, at once, to prepare a course of action that would yield the best results. The aspects of our plan included SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Branding.

Website Plan for Drainage Company in Cardiff

After analysing Drainage Cardiff’s website, https://drainagecardiff.uk, we pointed out several changes that had to be effected to improve the appeal of the website and improve accessibility. Our highly qualified web design team then worked on the website interface and improved the function of the mobile version of the site.

The strategy for the SEO of Cardiff based drainage company, Drainage Cardiff.

Socialable understands that local SEO is pivotal to helping businesses to establish presence in local search for their target geographic areas. We therefore took the necessary steps to improve the search engine friendliness of https://drainagecardiff.uk. Several of the methods that were used are given below –
To gain an insight into the desired audience of Drainage Cardiff in Cardiff, we analysed the keywords they use.
We began by discussing with the company which questions previous customers have asked. The answers potential customers seek over the phone are usually the same that they look for online.
We then analysed the keywords which were already generating traffic for https://drainagecardiff.uk. This helped us to understand the keywords that were already driving traffic to the site, the keywords for which the company had some authority and the keywords it needed to improve on.
Thirdly, we utilised our sophisticated keyword research tools to identify new geo-targeted keywords which could be used to generate new leads to Drainage Cardiff in the Cardiff area.
Repair of site-architecture – On analysis of the organisation of the Drainage Cardiff website, we found that several copies of some pages appeared under different URLs. We redirected URL’s where necessary and combined pages where possible. We also fixed or deleted any 403 Error pages that existed.
Creation of website content that has geo-keywords – Established drainage companies had already created search dominance in Cardiff where Drainage Cardiff was looking to establish leads. This meant that the team focused on targeting keywords that pointed to Cardiff and towns and suburbs close by. This would yield a stronger visibility in relevant searches, even when the keywords were not the broadest large-traffic ones. Upgrading of other on-site SEO factors – Changes that were affected to advance the visibility of the website on search engines and enhance its ability to attract more leads included the development of a services page, use of internal links and the revision of metadata.
The entire Socialable team understands the importance of off-site SEO such as link building, presence in local search listings, and Google Places presence. To build links, we added relevant articles to similar websites, while making sure we included geo-targeted keywords and a link back to https://drainagecardiff.uk. To the Drainage Cardiff Google Places page, we added a short description of the company, an address, contact number, URL, and some photos of staff at work in Cardiff. For local search engine listings we created a profile on all the major local business listings pages in Cardiff and updated old ones with the right keywords.

Strategy for digital marketing of Drainage Cardiff in Cardiff.

To further spread word about Drainage Cardiff, we used digital marketing strategies that are best suited for attracting local leads in the drainage niche. A few of the actions that were taken are described below.
Content marketing played a huge role in our Drainage Cardiff digital marketing campaign. A plan for the regular production of content for Drainage Cardiff’s blog and affiliate sites was developed by Socialable.
We were able to increase the number of followers of Drainage Cardiff on both Twitter and Facebook using our proven methods. The improved visibility had a positive impact.
Social media advertising – Drainage Cardiff had previously been unable to effectively utilise its social media budget. With the help of Sociable, the money was used on a Facebook campaign, following an analysis of both the channel and target audience demographics. Both desktop and mobile platforms were a part of the campaign, and both drove traffic to the Drainage Cardiff website.

Drainage Company Branding in Cardiff

We used two main methods to help Drainage Cardiff improve branding. The first involved maintaining uniformity across all platforms. To do this, we redesigned the company’s website, logo, and staff outfits. We also helped them choose branded equipment.


Drainage Cardiff’s online and offline visibility to people looking for trustworthy drainage companies in Cardiff was enhanced through the use of our lead generation strategy. In the final week of our campaign, a 140% rise in organic website traffic was visible. Drainage Cardiff experienced an increase in 75% of online quote requests and of 43% for phone calls during work hours. Both Facebook and Twitter experienced a social media following increase of about 400%. Do you want such lead generation results for your drainage company in Cardiff? We are able to begin the consultation process as soon as you contact us. Call us on 0800 061 4703 today.

Contact us now –

Website address – https://drainagecardiff.uk
Name – Alice Wood
Company Name – Drainage Cardiff
Phone Number – 0800 061 4703
Contact Email – contact@drainagecardiff.uk

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