Drainage Company’s Targeted Lead Generation in Surrey

Drainage Surrey, a drainage company in Surrey was keen to build up their local clientele in Surrey and nearby areas. A targeted lead generation drive was set up with the help of Sociable. While clear on its objectives, the company did not have the required skills and resources to conduct a well-organised lead generation drive within the set timeline.

Objectives of the Lead Generation campaign in Surrey

  • To increase the number of enquiries.
  • To have more people use their website.
  • To raise the number of followers on social media platforms

Socialable has an efficient and proven method of generating leads for drainage companies in Surrey, which made us an obvious choice. Due to our experience as a lead generation company able to work within set time limits, we began, at once, to prepare a course of action that would yield the best results. We built our plan around a number of core lead generation principles, including SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Branding.

Designing a website for our drainage company in Surrey

Following a study of Drainage Surrey’s website, a number of changes were proposed for the improvement of its appeal and ease of access. A contemporary, mobile-friendly interface was created by our design team.

Approach to Drainage Company Drainage Surrey’s SEO Optimisation in Surrey

Socialable believes that local SEO plays an important role in helping businesses to reach their target geographic areas. Due to this, we aimed to improve the search engine friendliness of the business. Below are some of the steps we took.
Keyword research – Three things were done in order to understand what keywords potential customers in Surrey used in their research.
Firstly, we talked with the company to understand the questions asked by the customers that have called in the past. Queries that are made over the phone are often similar to the terms that they use when making online searches.
Secondly, we looked to at the natural search keywords that were already bring traffic to the Drainage Surrey site. This helped us to understand the keywords that were already driving traffic to the site, the keywords for which the company had some authority and the keywords it needed to improve on.
The third strategy that was employed involved the use of keyword research tools to find location targeted keywords that are aligned to Drainage Surrey’s aim of stimulating new drainage related leads in Surrey.
When we analysed the Drainage Surrey website, we realised that a number of the pages could be found under different URL’s. Where possible, we reduced the number of pages by consolidating them, and we also redirected URL’s where we needed to. We removed or repaired all 403 Error pages.
Addition of geo-keywords to site content – Drainage Surrey was targeting leads from Surrey and nearby areas but the largest drainage companies already dominated search in this niche. The team therefore concentrated on keywords that identified Surrey and its surrounds. This meant that the website received high ranking in specific searches, even if the number of searches wasn’t huge. Improvement of other on-site SEO factors – Some of the other changes made to improve the search-engine friendliness of the website and thus increase the possibility of attracting more leads are the addition of a services page, use of internal links and the update of metadata.
The entire Socialable team understands the importance of off-site SEO such as link building, presence in local search listings, and Google Places presence. Geo-targeted keywords in links’ anchor text that pointed back to the Drainage Surrey page were included, where applicable, in articles that were published on affiliate sites. Photos of the drainage company staff at work in Surrey were added to Drainage Surrey’s Google Places page, along with a short description that had the proper keywords, their address, contact numbers and page URL. For local search engine listings we created a profile on all the major local business listings pages in Surrey and updated old ones with the right keywords.

Strategy for digital marketing of Drainage Surrey in Surrey.

To further spread word about Drainage Surrey, we used digital marketing strategies that are best suited for attracting local leads in the drainage niche. Several methods that were used are covered below.
A major part of the Drainage Surrey digital marketing campaign was content marketing. Using a specially designed content generation strategy, we ensured a steady stream of articles and posts for the Drainage Surrey blog and other sites.
Marketing on social media – Drainage Surrey’s follower base on Twitter and Facebook grew with the help of our well tested social media engagement techniques. This increase in followers led to more impressions among the local community.
Social media advertising – Drainage Surrey had previously been unable to effectively utilise its social media budget. Socialable was able to use the social media marketing budget for a successful Facebook campaign after analysing the appropriate audience. The campaign was run on both desktop and mobile channels, driving traffic to Drainage Surrey website.

Surrey branding for Drainage Company

We used two main methods to help Drainage Surrey improve branding. The first involved the creation of consistency on all platforms. To do this, we redesigned the company’s website, logo, and staff outfits. Socialable also assisted the company in the choosing of branded merchandise.


We were able to establish Drainage Surrey as a reputable drainage company, findable both online and offline in the Surrey area. Organic website traffic had risen by 140% at the end of our lead generation campaign. Drainage Surrey experienced an increase in 75% of online quote requests and of 43% for phone calls during work hours. There was an increase in the social media following of around 400% across both Twitter and Facebook. Would you like to achieve the same results as Drainage Surrey in Surrey? Call Sociable to begin consultations today. Contact us on the following number today – 0800 061 4703.

Contact us now –

Company website – https://drainage-surrey.com
Contact Name – Phillip Rolland
Company Name – Drainage Surrey
Main Phone – 0800 061 4703
Company Email Address – contact@drainage-surrey.com

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