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Socialable has helped Samuel Henry become one of the competitive players in the Hammersmith sash window industry. The company had problems generating valuable leads before they engaged Socialable. To grow and remain sustainable, they needed to generate leads in a cost-effective manner. The problem was that their conversion was low as compared to the cost per lead.
They set up a campaign, hoping to generate organic leads in Hammersmith, but couldn’t beat their competitors. They resolved to take quick action when they discovered their search engine ranking had also dropped. The leads they received were the wrong targeted group. Samuel Henry’s strong online presence failed to produce significant engagement amongst its audience in Hammersmith.
When Samuel Henry hired Socialable to help with leads generation, we decided to conduct a thorough analysis of its online promotions first. We spared some time and learnt about Samuel Henry’s buyer persona. Their online marketing techniques were analysed by our team.
Since Samuel Henry already had a strong social media presence, we were able to “listen” and understand their customers using some of our social listening tools and analytics, coupled with the skills we have perfected over the years. Our lead generation approach has continuously been customer-focused since our inception in Hammersmith. We are able to understand the target audience’s purchase behavior because we spend significant time analyzing their activity. It’s a combination of art and science borne from investing in experimental techniques throughout the years.
Samuel Henry noticed a major spike in their business activity when we applied this practice to their strategy. We also observed customer preferences and demographics for Samuel Henry had changed, but they failed to keep up by neither adjusting their website nor their email campaign. Due to Samuel Henry poor engagement strategies, their competitors were able to stay ahead with better online campaigns and communication strategies. Our input improved engagement significantly on all channels, reduced average cost of acquiring lead by almost 53% and improved Samuel Henry’s conversion by 103%. Here are a few of them –

Website Enhancement

The first thing we did was redesign the website completely. Our reports showed visitors coming to the homepage were not attracted by the call-to-action and the USP was not persuasive enough. We also embarked on creating a better landing page that would make the marketing focused and much more effective.
We made a tutorial and asked our customers to embrace a video that showed them tips on how to assess sash windows. We linked the video with a call-to-action button aimed at potential customers who were looking for a particular sash window, using their preferred keywords. We created an offer that appealed to a wide audience of our Samuel Henry’s prospects.

Marketing Campaign for Samuel Henry Sash Windows in Hammersmith

For Socialable, effective marketing does not have to be complicated. We have built a method that seeks to know more about our target audience than most people. We used the same principles to guide our intervention. After consulting with Samuel Henry, we started by building a marketing plan.
Our comprehensive marketing plan contained actions, including objectives and individuals responsible at each stage. We put in place every single plan towards the defining goal, each complementing the other. We checked real-time customer engagement. For example, the pay-per-click campaign aimed at potential customers in Hammersmith was re-created by our digital team.
We designed two landing pages and A/B tested them with the traffic generated from the PPC campaign. We also continued to engage and track the leads generated from a new email campaign. When it comes to marketing, Socialable follows a holistic approach and these are some of the work and processes we follow to make Samuel Henry profitable.


We performed an on-site and off-site search engine optimization for Samuel Henry. Due to the dynamic nature of SEO, we constantly keep an eye on the SEO effort and respond to changes in trend. Our standing as a reliable company has stemmed from years of experience in assisting clients stay on Google’s first page. We found new long-tail keywords through research. We created quality content and used our relationship with power influencers to share them across large audiences, bringing in more web traffic and trustworthy backlinks to Samuel Henry’s website.

Branding Samuel Henry’s Sash Window Company in Hammersmith

Because of frequent interactions, all our marketing activities reflected the true Samuel Henry brand character. All marketing messages relayed the right brand image and voice, reaching a significant number of audience.

Promoting Sash Windows for Samuel Henry

Using a controlled budget approach, we organized effective promotional campaigns across various platforms which included paid search marketing, social media outreach and conversion optimization. As time went by, we were able to scale up promotion across channels since we were in a position to generate sales and leads from online campaign at a cost that Samuel Henry was impressed with. We observed a significant increase of 110% in leads-to-sales conversion, and a 73% leads spike as a result of the re-designed landing page.

Lead Generation for Samuel Henry Sash Windows

Multiple platforms are bringing in significantly more leads online ever since we took over. Samuel Henry can boast of getting valuable leads in Hammersmith, in addition to interacting positively on social media and enjoying good referrals. Based on improved conversion rates and specific targeting, leads from organic traffic are more valuable now.
Samuel Henry says its investment on marketing dollars have never given them better return. By using the longtail keywords from our research, Samuel Henry has maintained a front page search position and an influx of valuable organic leads. We consistently implement the content strategy we created for Samuel Henry by curating engaging and relevant content that positions Samuel Henry as a popular player in the Sash window industry in Hammersmith and bringing in leads due to its high ranking on Google result page. We remain unwavering in our optimization strategy to stay in pace with an ever changing industry.
This case study highlights our strategies to grow Samuel Henry’s profits by selling more sash windows at a cheaper cost per lead. Like Samuel Henry, a lot of our clients have recorded tremendous growth in sales from our straightforward but in-depth marketing campaigns. A lot of companies have gained much from our experience and the talent in our team. You can count on us to get high-quality and converting leads for your organization.

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