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Our marketing team at Socialable has built the Samuel Jones brand to notable standards in the sash window industry, Trafford. When they engaged Socialable, they were struggling with generating leads. They required a cost-effective way of getting leads that could maintain growth. They struggled with low conversion rates while their cost per lead was high.
They launched an unsuccessful campaign to get targeted organic leads, and were falling behind the competition. They ranked low on search engine result pages and agreed to make quick strategic changes. The leads they got were not as targeted as they would like. There was no doubt that Samuel Jones had a strong online presence, but their visitors were just not taking any steps to engage with their company.
After consulting with Samuel Jones, Sociable decided to perform a forensic analysis of its online presence from the scratch. Our team also did a survey of the typical Samuel Jones buyer persona. Their online marketing techniques were analysed by our team.
Because Samuel Jones’s social media presence was already sound, we used our social listening tools and experience to understand what their customers were saying online. Our lead generation approach has continuously been customer-focused since our inception in Trafford. We take the time to learn about our client’s customers and understand their buyer persona. It’s a combination of art and science borne from investing in experimental techniques throughout the years.
Samuel Jones’s marketing campaign was boosted by our techniques and made them one of the major players in Trafford. One of the findings we made was Samuel Jones’s email campaign and website hadn’t changed despite the evolution of their audience’s demographics and buying preferences. Due to Samuel Jones poor engagement strategies, their competitors were able to stay ahead with better online campaigns and communication strategies. Our strategy helped in improving engagement significantly on all channels, reduced average cost of acquiring lead by almost 53%, and increased Samuel Jones’s conversion by 103%. We developed the following channels for Samuel Jones –

Website Development

Our first task was to change the website design significantly. We found out from our study that web visitors landing on the homepage were not convinced to engage and that the call-to-action was not well-optimised. In order to make the marketing much more effective and focused, we also decided to create a stronger landing page.
For tips on how customers could identify quality sash windows, we made a demo video and placed it on the website. We linked the video with a call-to-action button aimed at potential customers who were looking for a particular sash window, using their preferred keywords. We made an offer that was appealing to a large audience of our Samuel Jones’s prospective customers.

Marketing Sash Windows for Samuel Jones

Successful marketing shouldn’t be complicated- this is our belief at Socialable. All we do is to try and understand our target market deeper than most. Our decisions on behalf of Samuel Jones were guided by this principle. We began by putting in place a marketing plan upon consulting with Samuel Jones.
The plan chronicled all we wanted to do and how we will do it, with milestones and measurable outcomes. We put in place every single plan towards the defining goal, each complementing the other. We monitored customer response. For example, the pay-per-click campaign aimed at potential customers in Trafford was re-created by our digital team.
We designed two landing pages and A/B tested them with the traffic generated from the PPC campaign. Leads obtained from a new email campaign were continuously tracked and nurtured by our team. Our policy at Socialable is to employ a universal marketing approach and these examples are a glimpse into the strategies we used to redefine Samuel Jones’s business.

Search Engine Marketing

We conducted search engine optimization, both off-site and on-site, for Samuel Jones’s. Given the dynamic nature of SEO, we consistently respond to changes in trend by keeping an eye on the SEO. Our standing as a reliable company has stemmed from years of experience in assisting clients stay on Google’s first page. Our constant keyword research as produced valuable long-tail keywords for us. Samuel Jones site received more web visitors and credible backlinks from the quality content our influencer contacts were happy to share among their large audience groups.

Sash Window Branding for Samuel Jones in Trafford

Because of frequent interactions, all our marketing activities reflected the true Samuel Jones brand character. The brand voice and image were consistent in all marketing resources, and their business had a wide reach across its audience.

Sash Windows Trafford Sash Windows Company Promotion in Trafford

Using a controlled budget approach, we organized effective promotional campaigns across various platforms which included paid search marketing, social media outreach and conversion optimization. Eventually, we were able to start generating leads and sales from online campaigns at a cost that Samuel Jones found impressive, and we were able to scale up promotion across channels. Lead-to-sales conversion increased by 110%, while the landing page we designed was bringing in 73% more leads.

Generating Leads for Sash Windows Trafford Sash Windows in Trafford

Since we started managing their account, Samuel Jones has recorded tremendous success in lead generation from different platforms. Apart from creating meaningful engagement on social media, Samuel Jones is now able to get highly-qualified leads in Trafford and very good referrals. Organic traffic now provides better targeted leads and have improved conversion rates.
Samuel Jones claims they have never received a better return on its marketing money. For some of the longtail keywords we targeted, Samuel Jones is already on the front page of search engines, bringing in qualified organic leads. We continue to implement the content strategy we developed for Samuel Jones by creating relevant and engaging content that not only brings in leads and helps Samuel Jones rank higher on Google, but also positions Samuel Jones as a leader in the field of Sash windows in Trafford. We keep optimizing the various pages and adapting because you can never be still in this industry or you get left behind.
The bottom line is that our services helped Samuel Jones to sell more sash windows at a fraction of the previous marketing cost, significantly boosting profitability. Samuel Jones is an example of one of the numerous companies we have helped increase their sales through our effective and straight-to-the-point marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves in our pool of experienced talents, capable of taking any business to the next level. You can count on us to get high-quality and converting leads for your organization.

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