Lead Generation Campaign by Sociable for Replacement Windows Bradford in Bradford

Replacement Windows Bradford is a replacement windows company in Bradford offering high-quality, bespoke replacement windows services in the area. Replacement Windows Bradford has a relatively successful offline operation in Bradford but needed help translating that success to their online venture. The company needed to expand their reach to as many potential customers as possible online, get quality leads from the new contacts, and translate these leads into conversions.

The Challenge

Bring Replacement Windows Bradford into the picture for its target market. Due to the fact that customers have quick and easy access to a host of online product and services review resources, they can no longer be bought over by traditional marketing efforts. A company therefore needs to demonstrate that it merits a consumer’s patronage and loyalty.

The Objective

In order for us to improve Replacement Windows Bradford’s online business, we needed to implement a complete rebuilding of their operations including marketing, web design and conversion rate optimization, all of which would work towards one goal – to create the most amount of leads possible and convert as many of them as possible into sales.

Socialable’s Replacement Windows Bradford Bradford Plan of Action

Windows replacement does not generate demand as often as many other businesses. In order to achieve online success for this business, extra effort is needed to capture customer interest and be readily available once the customer does need the service. Our knowledge of the industry informed our development of a comprehensive and bespoke lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Bradford in Bradford.

Lead Generation Solution for Replacement Windows Bradford Replacement Windows service Bradford by Socialable

Business Type Definition for Replacement Windows

B2C and B2B businesses face different challenges in lead generation. As a B2C business, Replacement Windows Bradford was tasked with generating considerable by beating the competition and building a large customer base in Bradford. This also had to be accomplished within the generally short sales cycle of a B2C business. Having made a proper definition of the Replacement Windows Bradford business type, we were able to come up with the right lead generation plan to boost the company’s sales significantly.

Market Research for Replacement Windows in Bradford

Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive market research, both online and offline. The aim was simple –

Website Design for Replacement Windows in Bradford

The website of a windows replacement company is their online shop window. We set out to design a website that would create the right effect on the potential customers.

Website Layout

The website was simplistic in design, with well defined tabs and dropdown buttons only where needed. Using just the right amount of whitespace and distance between blocks of content, we were able to avoid clutter. We aimed for uniform design and relevancy in all the pages. The goal was to create the right kind of impression on the potential customer, which would go a long way to boosting engagement and conversion.

Contents of the new Replacement Windows Bradford website

Captivating photos of buildings in Bradford where Replacement Windows Bradford had provided replacement windows services dominated the website. The website also features a video of the windows replacement crew at work in Bradford. Knowing that 95% of the decision to purchase happens in the buyer’s subconscious mind, we came up with exactly the right text that would connect deeply with site visitors.

Landing Pages

Simple yet impactful landing pages were created to connect instantly with customers. The forms we created were simple, concise, and elicited the desired actions from the site visitors. The forms were also designed to gather enough, relevant information that helped us not only generate leads but immediately increase conversion rates for Replacement Windows Bradford.

Branding for Bradford Windows Replacement

One of the main problems for Replacement Windows Bradford was branding. Replacement Windows Bradford found it very difficult to create an impactful replacement windows brand. We shunned focus groups and other forms of general research in favor of insightful, one-on-one interviews. Our aim was to get an understanding of what a consumer in Bradford would like to see in a replacement windows service. After going through the responses from a wide sample of potential clients in and outside of Bradford, we were able to come up with a brand that both aligns with Replacement Windows Bradford values and resonates with the desired audience.

Marketing in Bradford for Replacement Windows

  • Email newsletters
  • Guest posts

Through close partnership with Replacement Windows Bradford, we were able to determine the customers the company looked to reach through its marketing campaigns.

Principal marketing objectives

Replacement Windows Bradford’s primary marketing goals include –

  • To be a respected name in everything concerning windows replacement, and in general construction topics
  • To be seen as a company that understands what its customers really need from a replacement windows service
  • To stay in the minds of potential customers so that when they are ready to make a purchase, Replacement Windows Bradford will quickly come to mind.
  • To nurture brand preference and influence future purchase decisions.

This was a very important goal to achieve since customers tend to go straight for their preferred brand when making a purchase. Knowing what the client sought to achieve, we then set out to plan and implement targeted marketing campaigns whose effects were immediately visible.

Windows Replacement Promotion in Bradford

With strong impressions created through well-crafted, precision promotions, we were able to generate high quality leads. The promotion techniques used included ROI-maximizing ads, social media promotions, personalized marketing, and after sales surveys.

SEO for Replacement Windows in Bradford

With in-depth knowledge of SEO practices, we created content, keywords, links, domain properties and other ranking techniques that propelled Replacement Windows Bradford to the first page of search results for window replacement in Bradford. We used both commercial and informational keywords to ensure that Replacement Windows Bradford ranked high whether a user was searching for a replacement windows service in Bradford or seeking information on windows replacement and general building maintenance. In order to optimize conversion for Replacement Windows Bradford on a consistent basis, we had to maintain a high-quality lead generation campaign for a long period of time. And our efforts have proven to be a success.
Currently, our lead generation campaign has helped Replacement Windows Bradford convert customers and engage HQL (High Quality Leads). Do you want a lead generation plan that gives maximum return on investment? Contact us now and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Finding Us –

Company Website – https://replacementwindows-bradford.uk
Contact Name – Tammy Flores
Name of Business – Replacement Windows Bradford
Telephone – 0800 246 5983
Contact Email – contact@replacementwindows-bradford.uk

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