Replacement Windows Devon Lead Generation Campaign by Socialable in Devon

Replacement Windows Devon provides have access to top-of-the-line, made-to-order replacement windows services to customers in and around Devon. Having established a successful offline business, Replacement Windows Devon looked to replicate that success online. The company needed to increase their online reach, attract new customers, generate leads, and convert these leads into sales.

The Task

Develop profound engagement. We know that hard selling does not work with today’s consumers as they leverage online research to make informed purchase decisions. They have to be convinced that a product or service provider is the one that matches their needs best.

The Target

In order for us to improve Replacement Windows Devon’s online business, we needed to implement a complete rebuilding of their operations including marketing, web design and conversion rate optimization, all of which would work towards one goal – to create the most amount of leads possible and convert as many of them as possible into sales.

Our Replacement Windows Devon Devon Lead Generation Strategy

It’s not often that consumers require windows replacement services. In order to be successful online, one has to not only be seen by the customer (from the sea of competitors), but also to be available when the customer is ready to purchase. With this in mind, we developed a total approach to lead generation for Replacement Windows Devon Devon.

Socialable’s Replacement Windows Devon Replacement Windows Service Devon Lead Generation Solution

Replacement Windows Business Model

B2C and B2B businesses face different challenges in lead generation. Because it is mainly a B2C company, Replacement Windows Devon needed to reach out and convert as many clients as possible in Devon – where a strong competition for patronage exists – in order to generate revenue that will make the business sustainable. This also had to be accomplished within the generally short sales cycle of a B2C business. An understanding of the business type helped us to develop the right kind of lead generation plan to reach and convert the right audiences.

Market Research for Replacement Windows in Devon

First, we completed an in-depth market research on the replacement windows industry in Devon. The aim was simple –

Website Design for Replacement Windows Devon Replacement Windows Services Devon

The website of a windows replacement company is their online shop window. Hence, our goal was to design a website that would thoroughly impress potential customers.

Technical Design of the Website

The website was designed for high usability – tabs were clearly defined and dropdown menus were used only where necessary. Using just the right amount of whitespace and distance between blocks of content, we were able to avoid clutter. Page design is consistent throughout the website, each page serving a particular, necessary purpose. The idea was to create a satisfying user experience which is necessary to achieve our lead generation and conversion aims.

Populating the new website

The website was media-rich, with illustrative photos that showed attractive buildings whose windows Replacement Windows Devon had replaced in Devon. And we added a video showing the company’s engineers at work at a client site in Devon. According to research findings, a consumer’s purchase decision is made mainly in the subconscious; with this in mind, the website contained few but compelling text that would speak to the site visitor.

Replacement Windows Devon Lead Generation Pages

We created simple, but result-producing landing pages. We created forms that visitors understood and were happy to fill out. The forms were also designed to capture information needed to generate leads and immediately increase the conversion rates where possible.

Devon Replacement Windows Branding

Branding was a big problem area for Replacement Windows Devon. Coming up with a windows replacement brand that the target customers would buy into was a challenge for Replacement Windows Devon. So, Instead of focus groups and other types of generalized research, we conducted direct research with individuals. The goal was to determine key interest areas for consumers in Devon when assessing a window replacement service. After careful digging from a wide range of potential customers in Devon and beyond, we were able to build the right brand that resonated with the target audience and aligned with the values of Replacement Windows Devon.

Marketing of Replacement Windows in Devon

  • Webinars
  • Social media

We were also able to make informed decisions on target marketing and achieving marketing objectives.

Central marketing objectives

The chief marketing goals for Replacement Windows Devon were –

  • To cultivate a solid standing in Devon as a leader in windows replacement and general construction matters
  • To be seen as a company that understands what its customers really need from a replacement windows service
  • To stay in the consciousness of target customers from brand awareness to purchase decision
  • To nurture brand preference and influence future purchase decisions.

This was especially important given the fact that buyers hardly ever consider competitors of their preferred brand at the point of purchase. Having a good insight on these objectives, we are able execute marketing campaigns with precision, increasing the company’s brand visibility and acceptance.

Devon Promotion of Replacement Windows

We conducted a high-impact and targeted promotion campaign that elicited the desired responses from target customers. We used a variety of ways to promote the brand, some of which were, carefully-placed ads for maximum ROI, personalized marketing, after-purchase surveys, and social media promotions.

Replacement Windows SEO Devon

Our deep knowledge of SEO for the top search engines enabled us to develop the appropriate content, keywords, links, domain features and other ranking considerations so that whenever a user searches for a replacement windows service in Devon, Replacement Windows Devon would be one of the top results. We used both commercial and informational keywords to ensure that Replacement Windows Devon ranked high whether a user was searching for a replacement windows service in Devon or seeking information on windows replacement and general building maintenance. Our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Devon required patience, hard work and consistent quality so that the company was able to generate and convert as many leads as possible at all times. And it paid off.
Currently, our lead generation campaign has helped Replacement Windows Devon convert customers and engage HQL (High Quality Leads). Call or email us now, and together we will make lead generation work for you.

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