Replacement Windows Leicestershire Lead Generation Campaign by Socialable in Leicestershire

Replacement Windows Leicestershire is a replacement windows company in Leicestershire offering high-quality, bespoke replacement windows services in the area. Having established a successful offline business, Replacement Windows Leicestershire looked to replicate that success online. The main aim was to be able to contact and connect with a large number of potential customers, and improve conversion rates.

The Issue at Hand

Bring Replacement Windows Leicestershire into the picture for its target market. Due to the fact that customers have quick and easy access to a host of online product and services review resources, they can no longer be bought over by traditional marketing efforts. They have to be convinced that a product or service provider is the one that matches their needs best.

What We Needed to Do

Our goal was to do a total re-work of Replacement Windows Leicestershire online business venture, making every part of the operation to work towards generating, nurturing and converting as many leads as possible.

Socialable’s Strategy for Lead Generation for Replacement Windows Leicestershire in Leicestershire

Compared to many other businesses, the demand for window replacement is not frequent. Online successes for this type of business means not only being a top choice for customers, but to be available when a purchase decision is being made. With this in mind, we developed a total approach to lead generation for Replacement Windows Leicestershire Leicestershire.

Socialable’s Lead Generation Solution for Replacement Windows Leicestershire Leicestershire Replacement Windows Service

Definition of the Replacement Windows Business

Challenges in lead generation for B2B is different to B2C’s. As a mainly B2C windows replacement company, Replacement Windows Leicestershire faced the challenge of having to reach and convert enough customers in Leicestershire – who already have a wealth of options – in order to generate meaningful revenue. This goal needed to be achieved within the short sales cycle of the typical B2C business as well. Understanding the nature and demands of this type of business enabled us to develop an effective, targeted lead generation plan.

Market Research Replacement Windows Leicestershire Replacement Windows Service in Leicestershire

First, we completed an in-depth market research on the replacement windows industry in Leicestershire. The aim was simple –

Replacement Windows Leicestershire Leicestershire Replacement Windows Website Design

We understand that the website is the online shop window of a windows replacement company. Hence, our goal was to design a website that would thoroughly impress potential customers.

Website Layout

The website was designed for high usability – tabs were clearly defined and dropdown menus were used only where necessary. Site visitors will find it easy to use the site thanks through the liberal use of white space and block separation. Every page has a specific purpose, with consistent design throughout the website. The overall aim was to create great user experience which is vital for lead generation and conversion.

Contents of the new Replacement Windows Leicestershire website

The website was media-rich, with illustrative photos that showed attractive buildings whose windows Replacement Windows Leicestershire had replaced in Leicestershire. A video showing the company’s technicians in action in Leicestershire was also included. Knowing that 95% of the decision to purchase happens in the buyer’s subconscious mind, we came up with exactly the right text that would connect deeply with site visitors.

Landing Pages

Simple yet impactful landing pages were created to connect instantly with customers. The forms we created were simple, concise, and elicited the desired actions from the site visitors. The forms were also designed to capture information needed to generate leads and immediately increase the conversion rates where possible.

Branding for Replacement Windows in Leicestershire

Branding was a big problem area for Replacement Windows Leicestershire. Coming up with a windows replacement brand that the target customers would buy into was a challenge for Replacement Windows Leicestershire. To solve this problem, we obtained feedback from individuals through one-on-one conversations instead of generalized research methods like focus groups. We needed to know what exactly consumers in Leicestershire considered as the ideal replacement windows service. With the information we gained from the comprehensive research, we were able to craft a brand that strikes the right notes with the target customers as well as reflects the philosophy of Replacement Windows Leicestershire.

Marketing in Leicestershire for Replacement Windows

  • Webinars
  • Blog posts

We worked with Replacement Windows Leicestershire to understand its main marketing target customers as well as its marketing objectives.

Main marketing objectives

Replacement Windows Leicestershire’s main marketing objectives were –

  • To cultivate a solid standing in Leicestershire as a leader in windows replacement and general construction matters
  • To present the company as one who understands the main needs and deep concerns of its varied target customers
  • To stay in the consciousness of target customers from brand awareness to purchase decision
  • To secure and maintain customers’ patronage

This was especially important given the fact that buyers hardly ever consider competitors of their preferred brand at the point of purchase. Knowing what the client sought to achieve, we then set out to plan and implement targeted marketing campaigns whose effects were immediately visible.

Windows Replacement Promotion in Leicestershire

We conducted a high-impact and targeted promotion campaign that elicited the desired responses from target customers. Some of the promotion techniques we used include personalized marketing, ads on relevant sites to maximize ROI, social media promotions and after-sales surveys.

Window Replacement SEO in Leicestershire

Our profound knowledge of SEO practices helped us to create the right content, links, keywords, domain properties and other important ranking factors needed to ensure that Replacement Windows Leicestershire was first on the front page of search results for window replacement companies/services in Leicestershire. We were able to optimize Replacement Windows Leicestershire’s sea ranking for both informational and commercial searches on windows replacement and general building maintenance in Leicestershire. Our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Leicestershire required patience, hard work and consistent quality so that the company was able to generate and convert as many leads as possible at all times. And it paid off.
So far, our lead generation campaign for Replacement Windows Leicestershire has helped the company to make sales and engage with potential customers. Contact us now and we will partner with you to create a lead generation plan that works for your business.

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