Skip Hire Skip Hire Bracknell A Case Study

Socialable is a creative marketing company that helps small and medium scale companies grow into competitive players in their industries. We have been offering start-up companies exemplary lead generation services, backed by our expertise, creativity, and marketing experience, since 2009. Here is a case study of a project for one of our clients Bracknell, a company operating in Bracknell.

Lead Generation for Skip Hire Company in Bracknell

Business Type – Bracknell provides quality services to help people get rid of their waste materials. It can be difficult for the residents and businesses of Bracknell to find dependable, high-quality waste-disposal services. The reason for this is the fact that some folks opine that ‘skip hires’ usually outsource their tasks to incompetent companies. Still, there had to be a way to bring customers to Skip Hire Bracknell, which offers the first-rate service that other skip hire companies are lacking.
We had a difficult task ahead of us, but Socialable wanted to generate leads for the company. Although the online presence of Bracknell had been established there was much room for improvement where customers could be engaged and eventually converted. We established our online marketing strategies and prioritized skip hire’s visibility and customer engagement.

SEO techniques for skip hire company in Bracknell

Using a content-driven strategy, we set about increasing visits to skip hire’s website. It is our favoured strategy, even though it needs substantial effort, time, and resources. Our basic method –

  • Use content designed to attract backlinks

The goal of our technique is to raise Bracknell website’s authority. The more website authority they had, the easier it was to rank for keywords. Non-content driven tactic was the second strategy we applied.
Like the name implies, we did not create or promote any content. What we did was use target keywords to optimise multiple webpages. Small business customers preferred this strategy since it was affordable compared to the content driven technique. Our techniques comprised of –

  • We identified target keywords by looking closely at the competitors, then sought skip hire’s approval of the new keywords.
  • We targeted pages to optimise for the keywords.
  • Having identified these problems, we resolved them.
  • There were specific keywords that the client wanted to rank for so we undertook research on Google Keyword Planner.

This research showed us the search volume and then we added more keyword combinations that we believed potential customers for Bracknell would use to complete a search. The result – We immediately augmented skip hire’s leads in Bracknell by 230%. Since implementing these strategies, we have increased the volume of organic searches by 70.82%.

Web Design for skip hire in Bracknell

When we took a look at Skip Hire’s website we believed that we would be able to increase the quality of their website in order to optimize it and increase conversion. The objectives we had were –

  • Improve overall web aesthetics and user experience, and make the website more engaging and professional
  • Our most important tools for accomplishing our objectives were SEO & Analytics, quality assurance, information architecture, UX & prototyping, mobile accessibility, and web design.

Based on the goals, we came up with a sample to make a new site that could enhance user experience by ensuring access to essential information is stress-free and real time; and to bring the search integration of Bracknell to the general site structure. With these improvements, search engines would reliably steer potential customers in Bracknell to skip hire’s website. What Bracknell needed, style-wise, was a site that communicated and connected better with their target audience. By improving the design of the site, we would reinvigorate skip hire’s online recognisability.
To achieve this, we engaged the use of strong typography and a branded management of their photography. We utilized bright colours and plenty of white space to freshen up the website and give it a more friendly feeling. We brought all these together and the website had a total makeover. The results were noticeable right away.
Due to the new look and easier navigation, website engagement rose by 24%. Thanks to the site’s mobile improvements, furthermore, visitor conversion increased by 3%. Our branding team at Socialable recognised that the most important traits for Skip Hire Bracknell to communicate to potential customers were trustworthiness and authority. The branding specialists at Socialable, after appraisal, concluded to centre on the brand value of the company.
Our team decided to focus on establishing an efficient and reliable ethos for the brand, designed to reassure sceptical customers in Bracknell. The brand values were excellent customers service and quick response time – two qualities that are important to people searching for skip hire services. Focusing on this message we ran campaigns which included guest blogging, emails and other strategies used by digital marketers.
It did not take long, based on our surveys, for the public’s impression of Bracknell to improve. Many Bracknell residents found Bracknell to be ‘efficient’ and ‘dependable’ on the basis of their main communication messages. In recent months, the Bracknell has recorded a substantial growth in lead generation (30%) and notable conversion from inquiring visitors to their website. The starting point of each project for Socialable is to listen to what our clients want and take notes. Our attention to detail may be described as meticulous but it gets the job done. We use these details to inform the plan that our team members come up with in the strategy room, and we maintain that standard of thoroughness until the project is complete. We are a close-knit team at Socialable, with every member doing their part to ensure that you receive customised solutions with excellent results.

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