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Socialable is a creative marketing company that helps small and medium scale companies grow into competitive players in their industries. Since we started in 2009, we have combined our marketing ingenuity, know-how, and practice to promote effective lead generation techniques for start-up enterprises. Here is a case study of a project for one of our clients Tamworth, a company operating in Tamworth.

Tamworth Skip Hire Company Lead Generation

Type of Company – Tamworth offers a variety of services to people who wish to dispose of waste products. It is often hard for both individuals and businesses in the Tamworth area to find consistent and reliable methods to get rid of waste products because they cannot find a company that provides those services. The reason for this is the fact that some folks opine that ‘skip hires’ usually outsource their tasks to incompetent companies. How can we link Skip Hire Tamworth, an authentic skip hire company, with such doubtful clients?
Our task was cut out for us; Socialable was to provide an answer to an ‘old school’ business need – generate leads. We especially needed to improve customers’ online engagement and conversion, building on skip hire’s established online presence in Tamworth. We took steps via our online marketing team to improve web engagement and increase visibility with some key strategies.

Skip hire company in Tamworth – SEO techniques

The aim was to attract more visitors to the Tamworth website, so the starting point was to use a content driven strategy. This is a strategy that we prefer to use even though it takes a substantial amount of time, resources and effort. Our method is simple –

  • Use content designed to attract backlinks

This strategy is intended to increase skip hire’s website’s domain authority. This increase in the website’s authority would then help it to rank for keywords in search engines. Non-content driven tactic was the second strategy we applied.
Like the name implies, we did not create or promote any content. It instead required us to optimise the website for target keywords and phrases. Because this strategy requires less investment of resources, small businesses tend to prefer it. Some tactics –

  • We identified target keywords by looking closely at the competitors, then sought skip hire’s approval of the new keywords.
  • We identified technical problems on the site and backlink problems off the site through an SEO audit.
  • We resolved the problems identified in the SEO audit.
  • Finally, we got certain keywords that Tamworth wanted us to rank for and researched them on Google Keyword Planner.

We were able to check the search volume of these keywords, along with other keywords which prospective customers had used alongside skip hire’s preferred keywords. The result – Skip hire’s lead volume in Tamworth instantly increased by 230%. Since the launch of our campaign organic search has risen by 70.83%.

How did we improve the web design for skip hire in Tamworth?

Skip hire’s website needed better graphic design, with Socialable’s help, in order to maximise lead conversion. These were our objectives –

  • Improve overall web aesthetics and user experience, and make the website more engaging and professional
  • We used several different strategies and tools including mobile accessibility, UX & prototyping, information architecture, a custom WordPress set-up, quality assurance, SEO & Analytics and web design.

We began with a prototype, which was designed to enhance visitors’ access to information online while incorporating skip hire’s search integration into the structure of the site. People in Tamworth looking for Tamworth’S skip hire services on their website would easily find needed information. Next, we turned our attention to the website’s style, which we thought could be more visually appealing to potential customers. By improving the design of the site, we would reinvigorate skip hire’s online recognisability.
To achieve this, we engaged the use of strong typography and a branded management of their photography. To make sure we achieved this, we used strong typography as well as a branded managing of their photography. These elements combined to give Tamworth an entirely fresh, new website. The results were instant.
We saw visitor engagement jump by 23% after improving the appearance and navigability of the site. We also improved conversion by 3% once we made the site more accessible by mobile. It was important for Tamworth to convey an image that demonstrated trustworthiness and authority to their ideal customer and visitors to their website. Socialable’s branding team identified the company’s brand values as the best way to achieve this end.
The point of the positioning strategy would be to assure customers thaT Tamworth is an efficient and reliable service in Tamworth. Since people who search for skip hire services in Tamworth prioritise quick response time and customers service, we established these two qualities as Tamworth’s brand values. Our campaigns were based on this message, email campaigns, guest blogging on the waste management websites as well as a host of other digital marketing techniques.
From our tests, we noted a positive relationship for alleged impressions of Tamworth within a short stint. A large number of people in Tamworth when questioned thought that Tamworth was efficient and trustworthy based on what they stated in their messages. In recent months, the Tamworth has recorded a substantial growth in lead generation (30%) and notable conversion from inquiring visitors to their website.

Why are Socialable’s skip hire campaigns in Tamworth so successful?

Our first step with every project is to sit down with our clients and listen closely to their needs. We believe that it is important to take the time to be meticulous and that can take longer, but it’s important. We use these details to inform the plan that our team members come up with in the strategy room, and we maintain that standard of thoroughness until the project is complete. We are a close-knit team at Socialable, with every member doing their part to ensure that you receive customised solutions with excellent results.

How to get in touch with us –

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