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Socialable is a creative marketing company that helps small and medium scale companies grow into competitive players in their industries. Since our inception in 2009, we have used the combination of our marketing experience, expertise and creativity to foster successful lead generation strategies for startup companies. The following is a project case study for Wiltshire (a skip hire company) we’ve engaged with in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Skip Hire Company Lead Generation

Business Type – Wiltshire provides quality services to help people get rid of their waste materials. It can be difficult for the residents and businesses of Wiltshire to find dependable, high-quality waste-disposal services. There seems to be a common belief amongst people that ‘skip hires’ passes their jobs on to other companies that do a substandard job. We wondered how we could put potential customers who were sceptical in touch with Skip Hire Wiltshire, the skip hire company.
To deal with this problem, we at Socialable had to find a way to generate leads for Skip Hire Wiltshire. We especially needed to improve customers’ online engagement and conversion, building on skip hire’s established online presence in Wiltshire. Our online marketers resolved to execute a bevy of strategies tailored to increase web engagement and visibility.

SEO strategies for skip hire company in Wiltshire

Using a content-driven strategy, we set about increasing visits to skip hire’s website. Though this is a demanding strategy, requiring a major investment of time and resources, we find that it works best for us. Our method is simple –

  • Promote the content to attract backlinks

By implementing this strategy, we hoped to increase the domain authority of skip hire’s website. This increase in the website’s authority would then help it to rank for keywords in search engines. We then implemented our non-content-driven strategy.
This strategy, as the name suggests, did not focus on content creation or promotion. It instead required us to optimise the website for target keywords and phrases. We like to employ this strategy when working with small businesses, because it is less demanding with regard to time and effort. Our tactics included –

  • Optimising target pages for those keywords
  • We brought the client’s website to a desirable ranking by acquiring relevant backlinks.
  • Resolving all issues identified in the SEO audit
  • There were specific keywords that the client wanted to rank for so we undertook research on Google Keyword Planner.

The main objective was to substantiate their search volume; we created relevant keyword combinations that prospective clients of the company were utilizing to search. Our End Result – We increased the volume of leads for Wiltshire in Wiltshire by 240% immediately. Organic search has risen by 70.83% since the campaign was launched.

Web Design for skip hire in Wiltshire

Skip hire’s website needed better graphic design, with Socialable’s help, in order to maximise lead conversion. These were our objectives –

  • Improve visitors’ online experience with a better, more professional look
  • Our most important tools for accomplishing our objectives were SEO & Analytics, quality assurance, information architecture, UX & prototyping, mobile accessibility, and web design.

Based on the goals, we came up with a sample to make a new site that could enhance user experience by ensuring access to essential information is stress-free and real time; and to bring the search integration of Wiltshire to the general site structure. With these improvements, search engines would reliably steer potential customers in Wiltshire to skip hire’s website. It was obvious that Wiltshire needed a more modern and user-friendly site that could connect with their end user and communicate things more easily. By improving the design of the site, we would reinvigorate skip hire’s online recognisability.
Our graphic design team focused on typography and photographs, establishing a recognisable brand style. Then we improved the site’s visual appeal by incorporating bright colours and white space, which made it feel more inviting and easy to read. We brought all these together and the website had a total makeover. We saw results right away.
Due to the new look and easier navigation, website engagement rose by 24%. More significantly, conversion rates increased by 4% due to better accessibility with mobile avenues. It was important for Wiltshire to convey an image that demonstrated trustworthiness and authority to their ideal customer and visitors to their website. After our assessment, our branding team at Socialable arrived at the conclusion to focus on the company’s brand values.
Specifically, we needed to show potential customers in Wiltshire that Wiltshire was a dependable and high-quality option. Instant response time and exceptional client service were the company’s brand values; these are the two essential qualities to those looking for services offered by skip hire. We implemented a multi-pronged digital marketing approach centred on these values, writing guest blogs on waste management sites and emailing potential customers in Wiltshire, among other strategies.
It didn’t take long for those tests to increase the popularity of Wiltshire. Our tests showed that a large proportion of residents of Wiltshire associated Wiltshire with the words ‘trustworthy’ and ‘efficient’, reflecting the brand values we were communicating. In recent months, the Wiltshire has recorded a substantial growth in lead generation (30%) and notable conversion from inquiring visitors to their website.

Keys to Socialable’s success with skip hire campaigns in Wiltshire

At Socialable we start each project by listening to our clients and taking down every point. This attention to detail is precisely what allows us to deliver effective services that meet our clients’ individual requirements. After identifying your particular needs, we head into our tactics rooms, and come up with a plan that we execute thoroughly. Everyone here at Socialable is focused on solving your problems, and we all have a hand in giving you ideal results.

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