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How Can You Boost Productivity In The Office?

Are you suffering from a lack of motivation? “The work ethic is fading among millennials” states The Guardian. It is completely understandable that you may find yourself struggling to remain productive when you are in the same environment performing similar tasks for the majority of the week. However, you will be pleased to know that there are a variety of hacks

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Practical NLP Tips to Adopt On Your Website

NLP Anchoring is a relatively simple practice in web development. There are quick and easy ways to connect a stimulus with a certain emotional response, and as a concept it is reminiscent of the popular Pavlov’s experiment where the conditioning stimulus alone ultimately begins to elicit an auto response from the subject. As a stimulus that can induce various thoughts

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The Vital Role Digital Marketing Plays When Selling Your Home

The internet is a tool that has greatly enhanced how business is done, and the real estate sector is not left out. With millions of users, and given that most of these users do their online research before making purchases, engaging in digital marketing practices is probably the best way to sell your home as soon as possible, in the

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Facebook vs. Twitter: which is best for your brand?

Many of today’s businesses and entrepreneurs have come to learn that if they want to be seen and heard online, then they need a lot more than just a standard website. While blogs, articles, and press releases can do wonderful things for your SEO, social media is what matters when it comes to making a lasting connection with your target

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Successful Marketing: 9 Cool Trends in Office Signage

‘Signage says a lot about a company’, a successful marketing guru in the 1960s once said, and signage, or branding, has never been more important in the world today. The days of white lettering on a black acrylic background are dead and buried. In order to enhance their branding, companies today are opting to upgrade their corporate logos, colours, and

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