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Why Temporary Structures Are Important in the Fight Against COVID-19

As we all have come to know, the world is facing a pandemic at the moment. Unfortunately, the situations seem to be getting tougher as the days go by. Many countries have been forced to take certain measures to stop the further spread of the virus. Things like social distancing are gradually becoming a norm in many countries.  Life as

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What to do if your car is stolen

Enhanced vehicle security and better policing led to a drastic reduction in vehicle theft in the UK by 2013. However, in recent years, the number of stolen vehicles has doubled, reaching a nine-year high in 2019. Worryingly, this increase has mainly been in luxury and premium vehicles. New technology intended to safeguard vehicles has been continually countered by criminals using

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Facebook shuts down P2P Messenger Payments – but was it ever safe?

Facebook has recently announced the closure of its ability to make payments through Facebook Messenger in the UK and France. The peer-to-peer payments feature was discontinued in a bid for Facebook to be able to focus their efforts on ‘experiences that users find most useful’. This may imply that the payments service was not fully used to its potential by

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The Five Commandments of a Company’s Social Media

Every business and entrepreneur understands the importance of social media for their brand, visibility and sales, but it can be hard to ensure your social media strategy is a well-rounded approach. As leading experts in social media, we have created the five commandments of your company’s social media. Content There’s no point having popular social media platforms like Twitter if

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How To Create The Best Opt-In Form For Maximum Conversions

Opt-in forms are one of the simplest and most autonomous ways to collect leads and build your contact lists, however, insufficient time is spent ensuring opt-ins are perfectly created and located, to take advantage of maximum conversions. Even if this is your very first website, there are plug-ins and guides to help out beginners, so adding opt-ins to your site

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