How To Have The Ultimate Superhero Workforce!

Owning a warehouse can be a tiresome job! You may need a helping hand from some familiar faces. Ever wonder what it would be like to work with the Hulk as a forklift? Or have professor X as your head of marketing using his superhero powers of telekinesis to get into the minds of your target customer? Well, you no longer have to dream, Peoplevox have created this infographic so you no longer need to wonder.

Who would be where?

Imagine having your workforce completely made up of superheroes! It’s any bosses dream. Wolverine, Spiderman and captain America all working together in a warehouse, how much easier would life be. When looking for any future employees why not try and hire a Spiderman like employee! He would make the perfect box packer in any warehouse, his super agility and spider senses are great for a role of this sort.

Having professor X as a head of marketing is a perfect fit, his superhero ability of telekinesis is perfect for marketing. He will help get your brand and your products into the minds of everyone and your product will be unforgettable!

When it comes to looking for a supervisor, Hawkeye is your guy! His super vision allows him to keep a beady eye on all employees and make sure the running of your warehouse runs smoothly. He also never misses a target, which  is perfect as he will continuously keep hitting those monthly targets!

Nick fury was always going to be director! His characteristics make him an all round great leader . This is exactly the type of leader any warehouse needs to keep things running smoothly. With Nick Fury being responsible for the formation of the avengers he knows how to deal with some big personalities. He also knows how to work well in a crisis and handles high-pressure situations with ease.

And finally Thor, every office needs a kind-hearted god of lightening as a team member!

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