Sales lead generation strategies sit at the core of any profit making company and coming up with a sales strategy to increase leads into the business and then keep the flow of good quality leads constant, is vital.
With so much information available on sales via the web, developing a lead generation strategy can be tricky and confusing. Sure, you have your own original and recycled ideas, but it’s wise to generate new ideas too, meaning you’re likely to be digesting ideas through your online research. Too many ideas and options breeds confusion.

Which sources do you trust and which channels should you use?

There’s also the £budget limitations and the need to have a short-term, medium-term and longer-term approach to think about.

How quickly and how easily can you measure the effectiveness of each channel, especially new ones you’re trying out?

Leading marketing executives are reporting that lead quality is a top priority when it comes to lead generation and is the biggest challenge they face. In Marketo’s study, 61% of marketers reported that generating high-quality leads was problematic for their organisations. Given this very clear insight, B2B marketing professionals must gear up marketing plans more than ever before and feature compelling lead generation strategies for 2016/17.

Allow us to help you remove the mist surrounding your lead generation strategy related decision making and help you progress towards sales utopia. Towards helping you generate your effective 2016/17 lead generation plan and campaigns, here are some strategies and ideas to help you fill the lead gaps for 2016+ and achieve your K2 Everest sales targets in the process:

Social Media Lead Generation

Build Social Media Relationships

  • Groups – Target the ones where your audience hang out and start answering questions for them to solve their problems
  • Broadcast remarkable content
  • Refer people and re-direct them to helpful tools and resources

Using webinars and seminars to generate more leads

Seminars & Webinars

  • In-person education through seminars and webinars
  • Build market credibility
  • Build an asset you can later turn into a trust-building asset and product in its own right

Making lead scoring effective

Make Lead Scoring Dynamic & Behavioural>

  • Decide on what makes a lead qualified
  • Create a reliable lead scoring system
  • Have clear lead scoring criteria and score scale

Using outbound telemarketing to generate more sales leads

Supplement Inbound Tactics With Outbound Telemarketing

  • Maximise inbound lead generation
  • Sales qualify your marketing qualified leads
  • Support inbound with outbound to generate more leads, sales qualify them and safeguard consistency
  • Turn early stage enquiries into real tangible sales

Marketing teams to work more closely with sales

Collaborate With Sales

  • Marketing should engage sales teams ASAP for qualitative feedback to support your quantitative analysis
  • Maximise effectiveness of closed-loop marketing approach for lead generation and nurturing

Getting more sales leads from the website.

Optimise Website Conversions For Lead Generation

  • A good performing website converts 7-14% of visitors and is optimised for such goal
  • Beautiful websites don’t necessarily outperform their less aesthetically pleasing competitors
  • Limit the site exploring options to reduce clutter and confusion and maximise stickiness
  • Place CTAs wherever possible and tasteful to drive your audience to lead generation web-forms and gated content

Reaching more audiences as a guest blogger

Guest Blogging

  • An effective tactic for reaching new audiences under a veil of trust and for generating marketing leads in the process, especially via industry expert/body websites
  • Helps with SEO link building

Making email campaigns more effective with video

Adding Video to Emails

  • Triple your click-through rate
  • Generate more leads
  • Make emails more engaging
  • More personal approach to communication and lead generation
  • Introduce yourself personally from the word go

Adding mobile marketing into the marketing mix

Mobile Is Increasingly Becoming The Place To Be

  • In 2015 mobile surpassed desktop in terms of global usage
  • Time spent on mobile is about to surpass TV time too
  • People are relying on mobile for discovery, research, e-commerce, social engagement and to pass the time
  • Facebook’s revenues from mobile ads are expected to exceed £5bn by 2017 – They only launched mobile ads in approx. 2013
  • Generate more leads 7 days per week

Developing buyer personas

Understand Buyer’s Needs

  • In 2016, companies that are active in understanding their buyer personas are most likely to win the business
  • The success of the likes of Eloqua, HubSpot, Pardot and more says it all
  • Building and understanding your personas will ensure that the efforts of marketing and sales are focused on the customer
  • Your time and effort invested will pay dividends
  • Generate more and higher quality leads

Increasing sales leads with content marketing

Earn An Audience With Content Marketing

  • 75 billion pieces of content shared daily, 8 billion photos uploaded and 500 million tweets posted ‘every day’, clearly content marketing is an integral part of lead generation digital marketing
  • 60-70% of content marketing goes unnoticed
  • Generate more exposure, leads and conversions in 2016 by making your content more targeted, useful, purposeful and with a clear end goal

The digital age has certainly opened up many new avenues for generating sales leads. As a B2B sales lead generation company, being able to successfully navigate and exploit the lead generation channels at your disposal is key to our success.


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