5 Project Management Tools for SEO Agencies

SEO is so diverse that every search engine optimization company has its own set of tools and processes. A few tools are designed to tackle the SEO market specifically with automated rank tracking and reporting, while others revolve around supporting good communication within a team. These tools help SEO companies to complete their projects on time.

It’s important to establish a good relationship between your company and your client to move forward together. Furthermore, a project manager must also be closely connected to his team and receive timely project updates to prevent loss of data.

Benefits of Project Management Tools

  • Streamlined project management
  • Useful resource allocation information
  • Timely and updated reporting for accomplishing best results

Here are the 5 most important project management tools for SEO agencies:


Basecamp is an online tool to encourage communication and collaboration between a search engine optimization company and their clients. You can set up projects by creating to-do lists, set deadlines, assign tasks to teams and colleagues as well as track hours spend on each component of a project. It has user-friendly options for messaging clients and all communication is under a single tab to save you the hassle of sending multiple emails. Give your feedback or leave comments on anything.  Basecamp can help you track the progress of all your projects in a timely fashion.


The authoritative Moz offers high-quality data and inbound marketing analytics to help SEO project managers accomplish their goals. Moz has several tools for local search marketing and Followerwonk for Twitter.


Linkdex is an online task and project manager that has several functions for SEO agencies and consultants. The most important feature is being able to track accomplished tasks against rank changes. You can monitor your client’s website progress against their competitors in terms of links. Discover who is linked to whom and assess the authority of that link. You can also record and manage details of your link building campaign with costs and dates.

Raven Tools

No need to worry about traffic and ranking with Raven Tools. An effective project management tool for SEO agencies, it offers link, keyword and competitor intelligence. It presents a detailed and enhanced flow of data that helps you identify any areas of weakness that need attention. Raven also assists you in managing your project since it enables you to assign tasks and create reports for clients.

Google Analytics

The globally recognized Google Analytics is one of the most basic tools for facilitating project managers.  With the help of analytics, you can monitor and track a website. The tool offers insights, such as referrals, bounce rate and the number of visits.

Some Other Handy Tools:

When working for the SEO industry, project managers often get lost in the way and forget how projects can be managed easily with the help of automation and communication tools. Developing a long-term relationship with your client and your team allows a project manager to deliver maximum results. Other important tools that are helpful for SEO agencies are SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Majestic and Google Search Console.

On different note, some companies opt for PPC. The main difference between PPC VS SEO is that with ppc, if you stop paying, you will stop getting visitors to your site. With SEO, the rankings will stay and visitors keep flowing.

Phone tracking is another factor that is becoming crucial as without it, project managers would not be able to capture all lead generation data from their campaigns. Phone leads are becoming one of the best way of attracting more leads and for this SEO companies need to adopt software or tools that measure them.

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