For Lead Generation and Conversion, Think Content Generation and Marketing

For many years, businesses relied on adverts to make a connection with their customers and potential customers. But today, advertising has effectively become a means of merely making people aware of the existence of a brand or product.

Today’s consumers are a lot less influenced by or even interested in ads; many perceive them as intrusive or spam.

The truth is that today, people are looking for value online given the fact that the internet has become their principal source of information; the amount of google searches per day is staggering. And it’s a brand that consistently provides the relevant information to its target customers that will enjoy customer/brand connection.


Traditional Advertising vs Content Marketing


Content Marketing

  • Tells people about a product and        how  it can help them solve a problem
  • Talks about a problem and offers solutions for each aspect of a problem
  • Tells people about a brand and how    the brand has the right product
  • Tells people about different products and sometimes suggests different brands for each product
  • Pushes often intrusive information      to  target customers. Such information         is often discarded.
  • Be there when a consumer searches for certain information, making the brand relevant
  • Starts a conversation about a relevant topic
  • Becomes part of a conversation relevant to the target customers
  • Increases the chances of reaching and connecting with the relevant customers by discussing a wide range of relevant subjects outside the brand’s products
  • Establishes the brand as an authority in different fields, thereby increasing brand credibility and boosting consumer confidence to buy from the brand
  • Boosts SEO efforts effortlessly if done right
  • Displays a brand on search results for both commercial and informational search engine queries


Content generation and marketing therefore not only creates the right connections with the right people, it makes a brand sought after by customers instead of the other way round as is the case with more traditional advertising.

The modern internet user wants to be in control of the information they access and use, that’s why they almost always go for search results that are displayed based on relevance to their search, instead of advert results.

However, enjoying the benefits of content generation and marketing is not a given. This articles talks about content generation and marketing because the generation is as important as the marketing.

To enjoy the numerous benefits of content marketing, the content must be consistently of top quality, relevant to the target audience, interesting, original and up-to-date. The content must be such that immerses itself in the practical needs, considerations and interests of the target customer, and never about the brand.

Anything short of above will make the content marketing efforts only as effective as traditional advertising. This article provides some great information on how to make your content marketing efforts a success.

This comment from Dave at lock specialists KC Worthing, friends of Socialable, sums it up well, “the truth is that consumers have evolved with the internet, and we as businesses much adapt our marketing strategies accordingly to maximize and optimize leads”.

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