The principals we apply to our business we also apply to our people. At Qualifa we are ambitious, adventurous and we want to connect the world.

We are a unique and exceptional global business with offices across APAC, EMEA and North America. We find markets, explore them, then lay down roots.

Wherever we place a new footprint we find new companies to see how we can help them with their global reach. We know that conversations are needed to qualify opportunities so we use native language speakers across each of our teams to enable real conversational human interactions to happen across the world.

Last year alone our teams made 2.6 million calls, had 760,000 conversations across 118 countries in 18 different languages. We are connecting the world and in doing so we are pinpointing the exact person that needs your service or technology in countries you couldn’t hope to reach.

Qualifa connects, Qualifa has adventures. And because of that we want our people to have that opportunity too. At every company meeting we pull a name from of our golden top hat to win a £1,000 travel voucher. No strings, no funny business… we want them to go and see the world.

Have an adventure on us…

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