Why A New Logo Design Could Be The Reason For Branding Success

Have you ever wondered why people say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover?’ It is obviously because people always tend to judge a book by its cover. It is simply human nature. Face value is the first form of attraction and it draws people instantly. They can subsequently digest the content and take a more refined judgement on whether the product is good or not.

Logo is abbreviated from logotype (In Greek Logo means ‘word’ and type means ‘an imprint’). Its importance to branding has been established since many years BC from its use on cylinder seals and coins.

‘A single picture speaks a thousand words’ they say. Logo has gone beyond just Art. It is an identity for every business, organisation and even individuals. Every world president has a seal, which is basically an imprinted logo. Every country has a coat of arms or emblem. Organisations are also recognised by their logos.

So why is your logo important and how does it underscore the success of your branding?


As stated above, a logo forms the image of a business. At face-value, every message the company wants to pass across is represented in this image. Their goals, visions, directions and what they stand for are all reflected. The image when beautifully done ensures that even when you’re judged by the cover, the outcome is satisfactory. With a good logo, people understand better what you stand for and are carried along, creating success for your brand.


Apart from being an image of a company, a logo can be a sense of attachment of clients to your brand. Customers are loyal people when satisfied, hence creating a good logo will increase their attachment. They wear your logos, decorate their cars, offices and houses with them as a sign of loyalty. This of course is marketing for your brand and improves your success.

Client Confidence

With the array of alternative products in this capitalist world, a good solid logo might be what tips a client to choose your product out of the pack. Customers will watch out for your logo on products and make their choices based on the confidence they have in your product. Without a good logo, they might not be able to differentiate your products from the rest, especially as they are likely to have different product names.

Marketing Tool

This is an obvious point. A quality logo forms the basis for all marketing campaigns. It tells the story and carries the message effectively without words. It is used on every marketing platform and channel. A good one will definitely ensure success.


A good logo establishes your level of professionalism. The quality of your logo might give an impression to your prospective clients on how profession your brand it, how you pay attention to details and it’s a window to what they should expect from your product.

Logos will always, contribute to the success of your branding when properly done. As such, their creation should be treated with importance. Contract out the designs to a professional and respected logo designer, whom you can source through design crowdsourcing marketplaces like Design Hill to ensure quality and value.

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