5 Times You Need the Help of a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency in the Philippines or any part of the world can help you in many ways. One of which is through its search engine optimization (SEO) services. Nevertheless, even established businesses can get confused when to hire a full-service agency or standalone provider.

A digital marketing services supplier is often considered as the extension of the marketing department. It can assist you in enhancing business performance and thereby, conversion rates and return on investments (ROI).

Considerably, the question: ‘Should I hire an SEO company?’ comes up often during meetings. However, if the unit heads are not sure whether to bring a provider on board, how can the C-suite decide?

Many firms may not be ready to admit that NOW is the time to hire one. Below are the five situations the company cannot do without these optimization services.

1) When the company is about to launch a new product or service

A new product or service launching requires the help of a digital marketing agency upon its launch. Even before the product launch, you must already have a clear digital marketing plan. This is integral to the product development phase.

To continue, the product must be marketed to the right people at the right time using the right platforms. An agency offering both SEO and social marketing services would know how to devise a campaign. So more people can get to see your product or experience your service.

Do you want to do influencer marketing to gain traction for your product? Or, would you want to create short videos instead? The agency can help you with this aspect too—analyzing the channels that would give the launch the impact it deserves. Sometimes it’s also worth contacting a Digital Marketing Consultant to make sure you have covered every angle.

2) When the firm is about to launch a new website or app

The same goes for if the company is launching a new, built-from-scratch real estate website, newly-redesigned website, or an app for’ consumers’ use.

Nevertheless, you may hire the agency while still conceptualizing ideas for your website or app. It can offer insights and suggestions on what works for the web, including developing an SEO-ready website, for instance, so you need not pay for this service separately.

Furthermore, hiring an agency is indispensable when standardization is at play. Certainly, you’d want to ensure that the website or app complies with the standard, including the accessibility features. The digital channel must be bug-free because it would be embarrassing if the users point out what it lacks in terms of function or feature.

3) When the brand updated its owned media

Channels, digital or not, that you have full control are called owned media. Your website and blog are the perfect examples of owned media.

Nowadays, it is required that all websites must be secured or has an SSL certificate and adherent to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Important updates to your website must be implemented, or the search engines will flag it as noncompliant.

Also, if you need to update owned digital assets, you may also tap the help of the agency. The majority of the agencies today offer content production services as well. They usually do article, web content, and blog writing, GIF or meme creation, video production, etc.

Above are three ideal situations. However, you also need to obtain the services of an agency during turbulent times.

4) When Google or other search engines penalized the website

Google, for example, has its own sets of quality guidelines which, when violated, may result in penalties. The most common form of penalty is deindexing your website. It means your website would not be displayed on search engines no matter you search for it.

For instance, you searched for the keyword ‘catering company in the Philippines,’ and nothing showed up when a week before, the site is at #1 position. Chances are, there was a manual action that you failed to address in Google Webmaster Tools.

The agency may help in determining what causes the penalty and how to bounce back. Be reminded, however, that recapturing rankings may take a while—at least three to six months depending on the severity of the penalty.

Some penalties are at the page level where you may not find a specific landing page on search engine results pages. Then, there is a site-wide penalty that must be addressed immediately. If not, what rankings you have built over the years will be diluted.

5) When the business receives persistent negative reviews

When the company is bombarded with negative reviews, particularly those spearheaded by your rivals, your best bet is a digital agency that offers online reputation management service. Using the right tools and tactics, the agency can help you recover from your opponent’s mudslinging.

At this point also, it is still an allegation. However, the provider, with the right tools as mentioned, may dig up pieces of evidence pointing to your competitor.

Apparently, a significant change in the industry or the business warrants the help of a digital marketing agency. If the company is suffering from circumstances that are beyond the firm’s control, an agency can help you regain the authority and integrity you once enjoyed.

These are just a few of the services covered by an agency. You can always approach your shortlisted agencies on how they may help you in your situation.


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