Introduction –

Every time I’m on the net and I see helpful stuff for free, it grabs my attention. The offer only needs to be slightly related to my needs and I’ll be hooked.

Yet when I get to the landing page, something strange happens. I doubt myself, I’ll think to myself “do I really want to give this information to whichever site? Is it worth it?” Nothing has actually changed. I’m not paying the company anything. The simple truth is, nobody likes to fill out forms and like most people… I bounce off the page, usually never returning.

This is why it is so difficult to maintain a high conversion rate on your landing page. Still, if you are looking to generate more marketing qualified leads and grow your business then forms are mandatory. So how can you go about increasing your landing page conversion rate?

Look no further… Here at Sales Accelerant we have 6 worthwhile tips to help drive your conversion rates through the roof.

Demand Generation.

1. Give clear value to your form

People are not going to fill out your forms for nothing in return. I’m not saying that what you are offering is not enough, but you have to be persuasive. Clarify the benefits your visitors will earn after completing the form on your landing page. For example a list of features and who or what these features can lead to works wonders for conversions.

Lead Generation.

2. Eliminate distractions

Each landing page should have a clear funnel leading through your form to your call to action (CTA). Do not give your visitors the opportunity to either follow another path or get alienated by a vast amount of choices and bounce off your page.

Ensuring you keep a visitor’s attention means cutting the navigation and side bar and having an easy to follow form/CTA.

Lead Nurturing.

3. Accurate promotion

Expectations of your landing page need to be met without question. If you are writing short lists in an informal fashion, don’t try to sell it off as a definitive guide to the industry. People will lose faith in you and your services, in the end your landing page will not convert.

Accurate titles and promotions are key to ensuring those forms get submitted, which is the whole point of your landing page.

Marketing Qualified Leads.

4. Appropriate form length

The purpose of your CTA form is to get as much valuable, relevant information about people who are interested in your content. Therefore the more questions the better right? Of course we all know it isn’t that simple. What your landing page offers is a trade.

Information for information. The content you have created has to be equal value, if not more, to the information requested on your form. For example an invitation to a live webinar has much more value than a brief white paper and thus people are more willing to give more details in order to secure their spot.

Content Marketing.

5. Don’t be intrusive

When a new visitor reaches your landing page and they see your contact form it is unlikely that they will recognise that the data accumulated, which they’re being asked to share, will benefit themselves as well as your business.

Effectively, you are looking for information from web visitors to help identify their challenges to then enable you to offer them a solution as soon as possible. Therefore the issue is trying to accumulate the info you need without giving the impression that you are invading a visitors privacy.

Asking many questions will not make leads sales-ready, it only hastens the process. But a bounce brings that process to a dead end, don’t let that happen. The best way to find out where the limit is for your target market is to consult your buyer personas. Or you could interview people who match the persona with the purpose of seeing which information people are happy to give on your landing page.

Sales Campaigns.

6. Use Responsive Design

Responsive design is where a web page has been optimised for any screen size or resolution. Therefore making the user experience more appealing across all devices not just your desktop. After all, mobile devices are only becoming more and more prevalent in terms of internet use, not to mention tablets & notebooks. The real purpose behind this is to abolish frustrating pinching and swiping, attempting to read content on your smartphone.

Responsive design is a must on any website in 2014, but for your landing page this is especially vital. This is the year of mobile. Imagine how many leads you may have lost to date, due to lack of mobile optimisation.

With these 6 simple amendments hopefully you’ll be well on your way to having huge success with your landing pages. If not, don’t fret…

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