Effective SEO and UX Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings

Search engine optimization has gone a long way from unnaturally repeating keywords on the content material. It is more challenging than ever to be on top of the search engine results page, as the game is now running on a different set of rules. As search engines endeavor to provide their users with the holistically best search results, the battle

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5 Simple Steps to Building a Better Website

Investing in website design is a necessary expenditure for businesses in today’s market. With the constantly-evolving landscape of digital marketing, entrepreneurs need to put the latest trends and technologies into effect in order to remain competitive and become industry leaders in their fields. Unfortunately, however, it can be difficult to sort through the sea of opinions that exists around building

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Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical for SEO

If you’ve observed that the amount of traffic on your webpage has decreased over a period of time, you need to find out why. A reason for it could be that your website is not mobile-friendly. Statistics from Outbrain show that web searches are a bigger contributing force to web page traffic than social media, beating it by a whopping

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What’s Changed?

After partnering with Getty images and in order to reduce copyright infringement, Google is removing the ‘View Image’ button. Google made the announcement on February 15 on Twitter, saying: shared this photo of how Google’s image search results used to look: As you can see here, the removal of the ‘Visit Image’ button isn’t the only change that Google

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Can your web hosting directly affect your business revenue?

Most business owners fully acknowledge the power of a solid online presence, recognising it as the easiest way to reach their target audience. One survey showed that as many as 71% of small businesses were represented online in the first quarter of 2017. This can be achieved without the need for a website, given that social media channels are very

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