Drainage Company’s Targeted Lead Generation in West Midlands

Drainage West Midlands, a drainage company in West Midlands was keen to build up their local clientele in West Midlands and nearby areas. To achieve this target, Drainage West Midlands decided that it was a good idea to use the targeted lead campaign offered by Socialable. While clear on its objectives, the company did not have the required skills and resources to conduct a well-organised lead generation drive within the set timeline.

Drainage West Midlands goals for the lead generation campaign in West Midlands

  • To generate more queries
  • To increase the number of website users.
  • To increase their social media presence.

Sociable’s lead generation methods for drainage companies in West Midlands are proven and have worked in the past, which made us the best option. As a lead generation company that is knowledgeable, comfortable working with tight deadlines, and able to meet goals consistently, we knew that the first step of action was to create a detailed plan. We designed this project to include Branding, Digital-Marketing, Website Design and SEO.

Design for Drainage Company Website in West Midlands

Following a study of Drainage West Midlands’s website, a number of changes were proposed for the improvement of its appeal and ease of access. A contemporary, mobile-friendly interface was created by our design team.

SEO strategy for Drainage Company Drainage West Midlands in West Midlands

Socialable understands that local SEO is pivotal to helping businesses to establish presence in local search for their target geographic areas. We therefore took the necessary steps to improve the search engine friendliness of https://drainagewestmidlands.uk. Following is a summary of a number of the processes we used.
Keyword research – To understand what keywords the audience in West Midlands being targeted by Drainage West Midlands used in their research, we did three things.
To begin, we tried to understand the questions asked by previous customers by talking with the company. The questions they ask when calling are usually similar to search terms online.
Also examined were the keywords that had already been bringing traffic to Drainage West Midlands’s website. In this way, an understanding was gained of the keywords that were already drawing users to the site, those for which the company had some authority and those on which improvements could be made.
Keyword research tools at our disposal were also used to help Drainage West Midlands reach its goal of generating new leads that relate to drainage in West Midlands.
When we analysed the Drainage West Midlands website, we realised that a number of the pages could be found under different URL’s. We redirected URL’s where necessary and combined pages where possible. We removed or repaired all 403 Error pages.
Addition of geo-keywords to site content – Drainage West Midlands was targeting leads from West Midlands and nearby areas but the largest drainage companies already dominated search in this niche. For this reason, our team made use of keywords which were specific to West Midlands and surrounds. This would yield a stronger visibility in relevant searches, even when the keywords were not the broadest large-traffic ones. To fully optimise SEO and attract the most leads possible, we added a service page, updated metadata, and made use of internal links.
At Socialable, we value the importance of link building, Google Places presence, and local search listing presence as of-site SEO factors. Geo-targeted keywords in links’ anchor text that pointed back to the Drainage West Midlands page were included, where applicable, in articles that were published on affiliate sites. On the Drainage West Midlands Google Places page, we added photos of drainage company staff at work in West Midlands, short description featuring the right keywords, address, contact numbers and page URL. For local search engine listings we created a profile on all the major local business listings pages in West Midlands and updated old ones with the right keywords.

Drainage Company Drainage West Midlands’s Digital-Marketing Scheme in West Midlands

Digital marketing strategies were used to attract local leads in the local drainage market and further publicise Drainage West Midlands. A few of the actions that were taken are described below.
Content marketing – Content marketing was integral to the digital marketing campaign for Drainage West Midlands. Our internal team formulated a content generation scheme that assisted us in producing a constant flow of content for Drainage West Midlands’s blog and for use on websites where we could post as guests.
Promotion on social media – Our polished social media engagement techniques resulted in the growth of Drainage West Midlands’s following on Twitter and Facebook. This increase in followers led to more impressions among the local community.
Drainage West Midlands struggled with the efficient use of their social media advertising budget. With the help of Sociable, the money was used on a Facebook campaign, following an analysis of both the channel and target audience demographics. Advertising was optimised for use on both mobile and desktop devices, which helped drive traffic towards the company’s website.

West Midlands branding for Drainage Company

Improvements to Drainage West Midlands’s branding were made using two major techniques. The first involved the creation of consistency on all platforms. This involved the selection of a new brand colour that matched the website theme, as well as the redesign of both the logo and staff uniforms. We also helped the company to settle for choices of branded merchandise.

What our Lead Generation Strategy Achieved

Using our lead generation strategy, we were able to establish the Drainage West Midlands presence both online and offline among clients looking for drainage solutions in West Midlands. A rise of 140% in organic website traffic was experienced in the last week of our lead generation campaign. Requests for estimates online rose by 75%, while the number of phone calls during work hours rose by 43%. Leg traffic to Drainage West Midlands’s office also increased by 35% and customer interest rose. The number of Facebook and Twitter followers also increased by 400%. Do you want similar results for your company in West Midlands? We are able to begin the consultation process as soon as you contact us. Phone us today at 0800 061 4703.

Get in touch –

Website address – https://drainagewestmidlands.uk
Contact Name – Jimmy Johnson
Company Name – Drainage West Midlands
Phone Number – 0800 061 4703
Company Email Address – contact@drainagewestmidlands.uk


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