How Effective are Video Brochures

Marketing happens on every platform and can involve all of our senses. Companies every day are taking risks and changing the game for everyone else. If you’re looking to keep up with the competition, or even go a step further, perhaps you should think about utilising video brochures. You could use them for your in-house advertising, gift them to executive clients or buyers, or use them in important presentations. There are so many benefits that come from taking advantage of such a unique marketing tool.

Get People’s Attention

Video brochures are incredibly effective at catching people’s eyes and getting their attention. They spark a sense of curiosity and intrigue in the unsuspecting passer-by.  Not only do video brochures catch their initial attention: they can also retain it. These days our attention spans are not what they used to be, and brochures filled with meaty chunks of text just aren’t going to hold moany people’s interest long enough for them to finish reading it. With a video brochure, however, you can communicate all the information about your company and your products/services in a way that requires less effort on behalf of the subject and so they’re less inclined to lose interest so quickly.

Showcase Your Product or Services Effectively

There’s only so much that you can fit onto a piece of paper, and leaving your product up to the imagination of your clients is definitely not an option. With a video brochure, you have the opportunity to showcase your company and products clearly and in detail. You can incorporate video demonstrations of what you or your products can do and present yourself in a way that’s a lot more flattering and exciting than a typical paper brochure. You want people to remember you and the best way to do that is to impress the pants off of them.

Deliver Information With Ease

One great way that a lot of companies utilise video brochures is in presentations. If you’re meeting difficult shareholders or pitching your company to potential sponsors video brochures that work in par with an overhead video presentation can ensure that everyone gets all the facts and can take all of the important elements of the presentation home with them. Use your brochures to annotate and emphasise important information. Video brochures are also useful for communicating information to people with certain physical impairments. Those that have visual impairments would benefit from the option of sound. If you’re producing a video presentation and have a present person who is hard of hearing you could also use a video brochure to display the presentation in sign language. There are so many ways video brochures could make communicating easier.

Make Your Products Special

A personal touch can make a big difference to loyal clients and customers. If you have a product that is particularly special you could include a video brochure with the product to thank the customer or client as well as provide them with more information. Perhaps a loyal customer has bought a diamond necklace. An accompanying video brochure that describes the product and thanks them could ensure that they will continue to buy products from you.

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