How the Entertainment Industry can benefit from e-mail Marketing Campaigns?

Digital marketing is often used more by B2B companies or by stores selling products or services to consumers. However, it is much less common in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to e-mail marketing campaigns. Here is why this sector should rethink their strategy, and how they can proceed to gain new markets, whether it is an individual or a major company behind the project.

The Original Digital Marketing Tool

It is true that e-mailing has lost a bit of its shine through the years. After all, it is the grandfather of digital marketing. However, there are no real reasons why it should be replaced or moved to a secondary level of use. It just needs to be inserted wisely, inside the strategy, and always through approved lists. There are no better ways to create a story, and to build an identity, then to use e-mail campaigns. That is true of any product, including music, books, films and all other entertainment content. Though it is only one of the digital marketing (Discover more of them here:, it is still the one that will bring you the best continuity, in terms of the connection you have, with your readers, viewers, listeners, etc.

A Moment of Pause

Most digital tools are used in moments of action. We could even call them moments of confusion, since the internet user will have his attention being called upon by a variety of subjects, services and products, in one instant. Therefore, we may catch their attention for a very short-time, before they move on to the next thing, whatever that may be. This is not as true about e-mails. People tend to spend more time reading their mails then readings about a given subject when roaming online. They concentrate more, as they often receive business newsletters and other important information. It is a great time to offer something to entertain them, as their mind is more apt to focus upon it.

What are the e-mailing Campaigns’ Strengths?

The best way to understand the benefits of e-mail campaigns, is to compare them to other digital marketing tools. For example: An e-mail will be received and viewed by a recipient, whereas only 2% of the Facebook contacts will receive and view your posts. The conversion rate is also much better through e-mail than through a social network. It usually reaches a click-through of 3%, from an e-mail, and only 0.22% on Instagram. That can be a difference maker, in the world of marketing.


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