How to Build Brand Recognition with Custom Pins

A poorly-promoted brand cannot make significant progress even if it’s a good one. The top-performing companies often use several different means to sell themselves out to the world.

Custom pins happen to be one of the cheaper promotion options available through which companies can create awareness of their brands. Pins are small, yet they are big in marketing value. The question of how to build brand recognition with custom pins is one that companies that have their eyes on continued growth should consider carefully.

Fortunately for you, this article will take you through how you can build a strong brand with custom pins.

What Are Custom Pins?

They are badge-like items that are fixed on clothing to carry a brand identity mark for the wearers. Custom pins come with different design features. They also come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

If you watch President Trump of the United States deliver a speech at a major function, you are likely to see a small pin bearing an American flag on his suit. That’s a custom lapel pin.

Since a custom lapel pin immediately tells you what brand the wearer is representing, it’s a subtle way of marketing.

How to Build a Great Brand by Using Custom Pins

Even after discovering the business value of custom pins, some organizations still struggle with how to come up with an appropriate pin.

This is where you need the services of an enamel pin manufacturer uk. This experienced pin manufacturer is best placed to help you find the exact pin type that would suit your brand.

To build a unique business brand with a custom pin, all you need to do is send your logo or maybe a message to the pin manufacturer.

Depending on your color preference, design and size parameters, an experienced pin manufacturer will be able to deliver you a great product for very little money.

Assuming you want your pins to light up at night, then you should tell the manufacturer to make the pins with flashing LED capabilities.

Hard enamel pins may also suit you if you want long-lasting business gifts for your clients. On the other hand, soft enamel pins can be mass-produced at relatively low cost.

Importance of Custom Pins

There are many good reasons why companies invest in lapel pins. The advantages of custom pins are:

Showcases a Brand

Lapel pins widen the visibility of companies. An organization that gives out custom pins, opens its doors to discoverability.

Cheap to Manufacturer

Custom pins are inexpensive branding tools. Some pins cost less than $2, meaning that they can be produced cheaply and gifted to patrons of a program. In the long run, this simple investment will bring its own returns.

Fits Everyone

Custom pins are versatile promotional items. They add some style when worn on clothes of both adults and children. In the end, no one should be left out of a brand promotion.


An investment in a well-designed custom pin will help an organization to gain recognition.

When these logo-bearing gifts are given out to clients, it will live in their memories forever. Custom pins make it possible to spread the good name of your business.

Moreover, custom pin production is cheaper than other means of promotion.

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