How to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

Effective SEO increases the organic traffic you receive on your website. It provides a better opportunity to increase conversions since visitors click on your link because they are interested in your content or what you offer. Various SEO strategies could help you get a high ranking on search results. It may not happen overnight, as it requires hard work and consistency. Also, do not be complacent once you reach the top rank in search results because the competition is tight. If you take your SEO for granted, you might lose the top spot you worked hard to achieve. There are ways to maintain your SEO ranking, and we listed some below.

Focus on user intent

When users look for something online, they search by typing the words on the search engine. Part of SEO is keyword research that determines the most popular keywords your target market often uses when they look up something that concerns your brand, products, or services. However, it’s not enough to keep you at the top spot because search engines want to ensure that you have the information that users look for.

For example, if the keyword is “chocolate,” you will know more specific topics about chocolates that most users search by checking on the “people also ask” field, as well as the list of suggestions that show when you type on the search field. Examples are “what chocolate does to the body” and “chocolate brands.” Write something about these topics, and be sure that you provide quality content that users will find helpful. Search engines could detect if your content is relevant, and you will get a good score if it is.

Ensure a positive user experience

SEO is not just about reaching the number one spot in the search results. If you want long term success, you should also focus on providing a positive experience to your visitors. It will eventually build the foundation for your site to be known, and it will be easier to maintain your popularity if you continue to improve the user experience. Besides helpful and quality content, the speed of the site and an easy-to-navigate user interface are also critical. If your company is in Oxford, an SEO Oxford agency like can help achieve this goal. They have expertise in SEO and creating an excellent site experience for visitors that will keep them coming back and recommending your page.

Keep your site responsive

Customers may use different platforms when accessing your site. Ensure that it displays properly, whether they visit and browse it using their computer, tablet, or mobile device. If the website is non-responsive, it will not load properly in other screen sizes, and it could negatively affect the user experience. Visitors will leave the site if they cannot navigate it properly on their device.

Do guest blogs

Backlinks are still important, and you should have them to maintain or even increase your ranking. Write guest blog posts that are high quality, and incorporate backlinks that lead to your site. The links should be relevant. It will also help improve your authority and trustworthiness.

Sustaining your ranking means that you continue to work hard and stay consistent with your SEO efforts. Keep your content relevant and increase your brand’s authority to maintain the top spot and keep improving your organic traffic.


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