Social Media Branding: How to Make Your Brand Identity Work for You

Social Media Marketing has undoubtedly become one of the most effective and efficient strategies to include in your brand’s overall plan to reach your audience. Once your social media marketing has executed in the right way, it can give you numerous opportunities that can enable success in your company. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are just some of the platforms you may want to explore to help your business.

Using your social media pages in the right way can increase your brand’s visibility and awareness among your crowd. Here are some practices you can do in building a strong online branding through the use of different social media platforms.

Utilizing Platforms that will Boost your Branding

Different social media platforms can help you with your online marketing plan and boost your brand and can improve your conversion rates. Every brand has its distinct characteristics, and there will be at least one platform that can promote its brand image. This will immediately convert your efforts to succeed. Using the wrong social media network can damage and negatively impact your image.

To know the perfect network for your business, you should know each platforms’ characteristics and compare it to your brand’s objectives. Will your objectives be achieved if you use this particular medium?

For example, if you are a business-to-business company, you may want to tap the services of LinkedIn since many business owners and entrepreneurs are using them. Utilizing it to your advantage will potentially build your business’ credibility to different clients you want to reach.

Knowing your Brand’s Identity

Before you know your brand’s characteristics, you should understand first your audience’s demographics and psychographics. Observing your crowd’s identity will heavily influence your brand’s voice and style.

Your branding should contain the traits of what your customers would want to engage and interact while they are online. Think of your brand as a person that has its own style, language, and many more.

There are three factors you need to consider in making a brand persona. First is the tone, which is your brand’s guidelines on what and how to interact with your target people. Will your brand become a witty one or a serious one? Second is knowing what language you will use. It depends on your audience, and it can be a millennial type of talking or a more technical language. Lastly, know your brand’s purpose online. What is your brand’s priority in having a social media account? Is it for awareness? Visibility? or Entertainment?

Branding is a good exercise for your staff to invest in and to bring motivation to work. A motivated team can return you excellent customer assistance and do more than what you expected. A brand that is loved by your workers can positively influence the performance of your brand.

Producing Social Campaigns in Promoting Content

By this time, you should now know your brand’s persona, as well as your consumers’ persona. It will be easier for you now to produce different campaigns to engage more with your audience. These campaigns can be in the form of contests, information drive, etc.

The main aim of producing campaigns is to generate interaction and engagements between you and your consumers. For example, posting a sharing contest content on your Facebook account can generate new consumers and leads just by your audience sharing your content. Another good example is the usage of influencers to promote your product. You can tap a new set of potential audiences just by doing this. You can make the most out of Twitter’s advertising and Instagram marketing through these guides.

Ensuring Consistent Brand Persona

You should know that being consistent with your formulated brand persona is very important. While establishing your brand, you should not change paths, or this will affect your audience’s reaction and perception towards your brand. Being consistent and having a compelling persona will automatically give your brand a lasting image to your crowd.

Some parts of the brand persona can be done by trial and error, but it can be minimised by basing on your audience research results. You need to be creative by thinking about different ideas with this to get the right persona for your audiences. Avoid committing flaws with your branding, or else you will damage your image to your audiences.

Experiencing Easier Posting Using Apps

There are available social media marketing apps that can help your business grow and at the same time monitor your social media performance and analytics. It can also do different works for you while you are doing errands or focusing on another job you have. Using the right app for your brand’s channel can help you generate more benefits rather than doing the organic way. It can help to know more about different social media marketing apps that can potentially help you in managing your channel. Utilizing these can do more for your social media strategy, not just the necessary monitoring of your brand’s performance.

Making your Content Compelling

Another technique you can incorporate into your content ideation is considering producing a story within your contents. Online audience like storytelling to make their stay on your page worthwhile. Telling a story for marketing purposes can hype them on a particular idea. Also, it can be an outlet for engagement with your audience, by sharing their perceptions and experiences, even suggesting a fresh idea to the company. This is a compelling move since it has the potential to involve your audience in your brand building.

TOMS, for example, has a participative campaign on Facebook. Their campaign shows different visual content on where the company is helping. They show that while their customers are buying their products, they are also supporting a particular community.

Final Thoughts

In social media, trends come and go in an instant. Your marketing team must be ready to adapt to these changes to keep your contents relevant to your customers. This may entail constant rearranging of the contents to be published, and it can easily be overwhelming. Your social media strategy will help you get through your struggles. You must plan it well because you and your team will always come back to it when making decisions that may determine your demise or success.

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