Successful Marketing: 9 Cool Trends in Office Signage

‘Signage says a lot about a company’, a successful marketing guru in the 1960s once said, and signage, or branding, has never been more important in the world today. The days of white lettering on a black acrylic background are dead and buried.

In order to enhance their branding, companies today are opting to upgrade their corporate logos, colours, and fonts – Google is just one example. Take a look at these 9 cool trends in office signage.

Reclaimed wood signs

Every day we read about reclaimed wood being turned into tables, benches, cabinets and bookcases, so it’s no surprise that repurposed wood is now being used in the signage industry. Creative businesses like book publishers, advertising agencies and fashion design houses are using reclaimed wood signs and engraved wooden pieces in the workplace.

The new branding tool

Interior office signage is seen as a key element in helping companies develop their brands. Whether it’s a reworked company logo, or a colour-coordinated workplace sign, office signage is being taken from the office maintenance department and given to the marketing boffins.

In large organisations, office signage can be a hefty budget item, but if the signs work well as a marketing tool, then the cost is glossed over. Incorporating logo colours and fonts into office signage doubles up as branding and is therefore well worth the expense.

Name plates

Personalised brass name plates and labels are being used more and more by companies in the corporate arena. They can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes and incorporate elements of a company’s logo design.


Frameless signs

The days of framed signs may be over. ‘Flush mounts’ and ‘slims’ are all the rage. Flush mounts are aluminium signs with a thin, black acrylic backer, which give added depth. Slims are also aluminium, but have a larger acrylic backer, visible on all four sides of the sign.

Curved signs

In the world of signs, curves are the next best thing. With frames equipped for a natural, curved look and materials that can bend without breaking, the benefits of curved signs are obvious. They’re pleasing, aesthetically, and the text is more visible than on flat signs.

Frosted acrylic with tactile lettering

Increasingly, companies are drawn to signs made of frosted acrylic with tactile lettering. The lettering adds depth and a sleek, stylish appearance. Engraving the text is not an option as it’s too hard to read, so tactile is the preferred method.


Mobile signage

We live and work in a mobile world, and there’s hardly a day goes by when we don’t have to leave the office to attend a client meeting, a network event, or something similar. Name tags and badges are the new (branding) fad – they reveal our names, job titles and company logos. Big sums of money are being spent on badges and tags made from engraved acrylic and heat-pressed aluminium.

And don’t forget vehicle wrapping – the clever way to carry your brand from the office to the street for all to see.

Window vinyl

Most commercial buildings have windows and doors with vinyl graphics on them. From the display of opening and closing times to the company logo, window vinyl is everywhere and has been for years. But now, window vinyl is being used as a two-way tool – for displaying company information and for ensuring privacy.

There are two forms of vinyl – window perf and etched, or frosted, vinyl. Window perf is stuck to the exterior of windows to help block out sunlight and make it almost impossible for people walking by to see inside. Etched, or frosted, vinyl, stops people seeing in or looking out. Window perf can include printed designs, while etched vinyl can include cut designs, some of which can be highly creative.


Digital signage

Ah, yes, the digital age. How could we forget? Almost every industry is embracing technology, and the signage industry is no exception. The growth in digital signage is phenomenal and looks to continue for many years to come. It appeals to and connects with customers, and is part of a growing business that will soon join forces with some of the world’s most exciting technologies like wearables, beacons, and IoT.

Digital signage displays are becoming a feature in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and offices, and can be updated within seconds, rather than weeks in the case of traditional signage. Digital screens are a quick and easy way to keep everyone in the office informed of what’s going on. Hotels use digital signage to post welcome messages to their guests, and recent statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 people enter a retail store because of a digital sign that catches their interest.

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