Targeted Lead Generation For Drainage Company in Cumbria

Drainage Cumbria is a drainage company located in Cumbria who wanted to gain more local clients in the Cumbria area. A targeted lead generation drive was set up with the help of Sociable. They knew what they wanted, but didn’t know how to generate the number of leads they wanted in a short time.

Cumbria Lead Generation Aims for Drainage Company

  • To generate more queries
  • To gain more website traffic.
  • To raise the number of followers on social media platforms

Socialable has an efficient and proven method of generating leads for drainage companies in Cumbria, which made us an obvious choice. As a lead generation company that is knowledgeable, comfortable working with tight deadlines, and able to meet goals consistently, we knew that the first step of action was to create a detailed plan. Our line of attack for the project included SEO, Website Design, Digital-Marketing and Branding.

Design for Drainage Company Website in Cumbria

We analysed, the website of Drainage Cumbria, and identified a number of changes which we would make to increase ease of use and functionality. A contemporary, mobile-friendly interface was created by our design team.

The strategy for the SEO of Cumbria based drainage company, Drainage Cumbria.

Here at Socialable, we know how important SEO is to local businesses gaining an online presence in their geographical area. We took steps to make the business more accessible on search engines. A few of the steps that we took are explained below –
We did three things to help us develop a knowledge of the keywords being used by the targeted users of Drainage Cumbria in Cumbria.
We began by discussing with the company which questions previous customers have asked. The questions they ask when calling are usually similar to search terms online.
After this, we looked into the natural search terms which previously led customers to the Drainage Cumbria site. By doing this, we were able to gain insights into the keywords that were working and the keywords that weren’t.
Thirdly, we utilised our sophisticated keyword research tools to identify new geo-targeted keywords which could be used to generate new leads to Drainage Cumbria in the Cumbria area.
Repair of site-architecture – On analysis of the organisation of the Drainage Cumbria website, we found that several copies of some pages appeared under different URLs. We consolidated the pages into and redirected URLs where necessary. We removed or repaired all 403 Error pages.
Larger drainage companies already dominated the leads from Cumbria which Drainage Cumbria was targeting. Search terms that pointed to Cumbria and surrounding suburbs became the main area of focus. Therefore, strong rankings were given in searches by relevant people. Upgrading of other on-site SEO factors – Changes that were affected to advance the visibility of the website on search engines and enhance its ability to attract more leads included the development of a services page, use of internal links and the revision of metadata.
Improvements in off-site SEO factors – Here at Socialable we understand the importance of off-site SEO factors such as link building, Google Places presence and local search listings presence. In order to build links, applicable articles were contributed to associate websites that included a link back to Drainage Cumbria’s page using location-targeted keywords in the link’s anchor text. On the Drainage Cumbria Google Places page, we added photos of drainage company staff at work in Cumbria, short description featuring the right keywords, address, contact numbers and page URL. Local search engine listings were improved through the creation of a profile on all the main local business listing pages in Cumbria and the updating of old listings with the correct search terms.

Digital-Marketing Strategy for Drainage Company Drainage Cumbria in Cumbria.

We employed digital marketing strategies that are aimed at attracting local leads to further improve Drainage Cumbria’s visibility. Below are a number of these processes.
Content marketing – Content marketing was integral to the digital marketing campaign for Drainage Cumbria. Our in-house team created a content generation strategy which helped us provide a steady stream of content for use on the Drainage Cumbria blog as well as for use on sites where we have guest posting privileges.
Promotion on social media – Our polished social media engagement techniques resulted in the growth of Drainage Cumbria’s following on Twitter and Facebook. Better social media presence resulted in more visibility for the company.
Social media advertising – The Company’s budget for advertising on social media had previously not been properly used. The money was used to advertise on Facebook on the back of a strong look at the dynamics of the target audience and their preferences. The company’s website received more visitors following a campaign that was designed to run on both mobile and desktop channels.

Drainage Company Branding in Cumbria

There were two ways which we helped Drainage Cumbria improve branding. The first involved maintaining uniformity across all platforms. This involved the selection of a new brand colour that matched the website theme, as well as the redesign of both the logo and staff uniforms. We also helped them choose branded equipment.

What our Lead Generation Strategy Achieved

We were able to establish Drainage Cumbria as a reputable drainage company, findable both online and offline in the Cumbria area. Organic website traffic had risen by 140% at the end of our lead generation campaign. Online quote requests increased by 75% and phone calls during work hours increased by 43%. The social media following across Facebook and Twitter rose by 400%. Do you want similar results for your company in Cumbria? Contact Socialable and we will be glad to begin the consultation process with you right away. Phone us today at 0800 061 4703.

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